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Stuff2 by BubbleDriver

My dear friends,for the endless support for my current running web comic, the legend of sleepy hollow ,as the final chapter rolls to an end slowly, as a token of appreciation, for all you have shown me, I am going to run three events, in which freebies and stuff can be won, so read this journal please! >w<


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow finale begins~!



As the clock ticks closer to the inevitable Halloween ball, so does Ichabod’s fate. What will happen in this final conclusion of the trilogy of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow? As the town’s dark secret rears its head , will Ichabod be able to survive this final test??    A few spoilers are, there will be a witch , there will be a death, ,and there WILL be a wedding! Exactly in that order!


It has been TWO years since the first legend of Sleepy Hollow came into being. And hooboy, it has come a LONG WAY.  It’s the second oldest story I have next to the currently stashed Out of This World, though no existent records of the proto-Legend of Sleepy Hollow exist.


Making it a grand NINE years instead of a centenarian old of 12 years old  of OOTW.


The characters have changed.A LOT.


And am I happy you all love this story? I love it!


So I am offering a series of events to go with this final big bang of the legend 0v0 Get ready, guys, I hope you like it!



As the finale begins, as all great journeys begin, are you a boy…or a girl?

In merry England, the second witch hunting war begins once more , as the ugly head of  black magic rears its head once more , Queen Victoria is forced to call upon her army of Witch hunters and Demon slayers to do what they do best.Bustin' witches. So, which side are you aligned to deal the nasty to supernatural suckers? 

Witch-hinter by BubbleDriver

Witch Hunters-Organization of skilled woman, either born with the gift of magic or trained to the extent they are fearsome , inhumanly strong martial artists , mediums of the like.Their one aim is to eliminate all the witches in the country.Strictly female order.Was established in the medieval ages and rose again in the mid 1890s to combat the black plague to witchery by decree of Queen Victoria who recognized the threat.A matriarchal system in which Witch hunters have more say than their male counterparts,Demon slayers.A junior witch hunter would have more say or sway than say, a fully matured cleric of the Demon slaying order.Witch Hunters are feared more than their male counterparts due to their lack of rational thought and lack of mercy towards Witches .They glorify bloodthirstiness and enjoy breaking as
any enforced societal rules in the times they live in as much as possible.

History:This society came about in the middle ages when a plague of witches fell across the world, in England, a young princess, Drusilda established this organization.She gathered a team of highly dedicated and determined young women like herself, either gifted in the arts of magic from birth,or skilled in other areas and began a counterstrike that soon spread through the country.Thus the resistance army was born.Shortly after,the end of the first Witch Hunting War, sh e took a fellow rebel, a young man gifted in the magic arts as her husband , the heralded ‘Good Witch’ Bensiabel in order to insure blood purity so that the veins of sorcery needed to combat the evil they faced would go on in their line.Through him , she installed him as a founding father of the male counter part to her Witch Hunter organization,’Demon slayers, tasked mainly with dealing with agents of the Witches summoned forth onto Earth.Witch Hunters hold Drusilda to a point of sainthood and most pray to her for her guidance and protection as well as insight for the battles ahead.

Demon-slayer by BubbleDriver


Demon Slayers- The male counterpart to the Witch Hunters.A strictly male order . While more merciful than their female counterparts and tasked mainly to combating demons, both Witch hunters as well as Demon slayers work hand in hand to bring their tasked assigned cases ((Witches and demons respectively)) down. Most men are relegated to paperwork and handling the affairs , expenditure of the witch hunters, the few Demon slayers  out actually fighting and the overall state of the organization and raising funds for the operation as well as repairs .Rare is the Demonslayer who actually is prized enough or skilled to go into field to combat Demons ironically. Even when going out into the field is to help aid an assigned Witch Hunter help combat a demon alongside a witch.Witch Hunters look down on Demon slayers, calling them ‘dusty fuddy –duddies’ and  Demon Slayers have been known to call the Witch Hunters ‘Insane, irrational and stupid ’ in their bloody conquests. However, it is a strict rule of mutual respect be maintained for each order.  


Contest! Hooboy, draw an OC in the world of Sleepy Hollow! Be it an existing OC or  a brand new one, and you will stand a chance to win a limited edition pdf of the ART of Sleepy Hollow! That’s right, filled with never before seen art work and concept art of the characters and what went throughput my proposals which I originally pitched to my then teacher for a major project!

All entries will be showcased in a featured journal and the character with the MOST interesting design AND BACKSTORY AND POWERS will WIN the ARTBOOK! :) Which will be emailed to yours truly! So get creatin' if you like secret societies and magic and spookiness!

Submission date is at 31 January 2015 ! And the contest starts NOW!


Roxaelia, Witch Hunter by bulgariansumo

Guys,TWO more days.To win an artbook.




Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut even if you don’t win the pdf, do not fear for it can be WON as well through the kiribian! That’s right, at 50 000 pageviews, the lucky person who happens to nab it and give me the screengrab earns the pdf which will be emailed to their address! ^^


BUT for the 400000 pageviews, you will get a chance to get your OC pimped out and drawn by YOUR choice as a civilian townsfolk or part pf the mighty witch hunter or the fearless demon slayer army present at the Wedding! That’s right, the Legend of Sleepy Hollow will have a wedding!That's RIGHT....

40000 pageviews KIRIBIAN  

 If any of you want to see your OC drawn in my com,ic and also happen to love my comic, the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, then check this one out! The lucky reader, as i have said,..."    for the 400000 pageviews, you will get a chance to get your OC pimped out and drawn by YOUR choice as a civilian townsfolk or part pf the mighty witch hunter or the fearless demon slayer army present at the Wedding!..."

What you need is a OC and the screencap of the 40000  page views, so keep looking!

This offer also is till the end of this month as I plan to finish my comic on schedule , so good luck on that one! 0v0 Keep your eyes out is all I say and keep checking back!  

 For more Sleepy Hollow, please, do check out my chapters!

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow CHAPTERS

Chapter 1(COMPLETE)

Chapter 2 (COMPLETE)

Chapter 3(ONGOING)


So if you want a chance for your OCs to be drawn in my long running series which you like,readers and friends, keep an eye out! 0v0

  Have fun! 0v0
 Love and cuddles, Bubble!
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January 29, 2015