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Thank you for 50 000 hits!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 17, 2015, 11:12 PM

Thank you everyone for your support for two super years!

As Thanks! I have created this collaborative comic called
Open the Royal envelope infront of you by BubbleDriver

It is your BIRTHDAY. Congratulations,_____! You are five years of age . You are also the heir of the kingdoms be of these fair lands . Your party awaits you beyond this labyrinth, pass through them and you shall be reunited with your Beloved Mother and Father, the present monarchs and have a well earned soiree.

Failure in the choosing the wrong options in your quest to be reunited and there lies the possibility you will die a horrible but well-deserved death! ….. : )

But enough doom and gloom! Along the way, you will have entertainment provided , the stained glass panels in this labyrinth tells a story of the events before your birth came be. Curious, no?

Stay close to where the light goes. Remember to be brave, to be clever, to be strong, to be kind.

But most importantly….

 Remember : Be Good.I love you.

What is it????

It is....: ‘Be Good’ is a collaborative comic based around the adventure of a five year old princess of an UNKNOWN kingdom who must complete a labyrinth as part of a coming of age touchstone given by her loving parents.

Stay close to the light.

The stained glass tells a story of why this tribulation came to be and events that happened prior to this.

Do NOT listen to the whispering shadows.

Know yourself.
Be kind.
Be brave.
And clever.

But most and importantly..Remember to be Good... Someone loves you and knows you can be!


Why should I care about your comic?

Well, I personally think it is relatable in the sense of it's part comfort. It is part fairytale, part anime, part rpg game inspired.

It plays a lot on puns, deals with the fact some of us don't have very good real life models and sometimes lean on fictional characters like the main character to get through tough issues!

The titular princess does relate and (eventually admire)  a 'fictional' character in the story ensrcibed in the stained glass of the labyrinth she is
undergoing to get back to her family.

It is also a coming of age story!

Be Good also deals a lot with the concept of 'beauty', bucking gender roles and unhealthy relationships. ((You will see it sooon. Oh boy. DON'T BE FOOLED by the supposed sugary cuteness!))

And I think it's main message is that, well, no one is exactly 'evil', 'evil' is mostly a label. But also , to be kind,to be strong in the real way.

That kindness is not stupidity, or weakness.

That it is tough to keep being kind, even when people are very unkind to you.

That it is okay to admire and admit you admire a fictional character...For those fictional characters may well be a real person! ;) That you deserve love and to be happy no matter who you are and what you have done ! And that anyone can change for the better! That it is okay to change and it is scary at first, because it means admitting you were wrong but the funny thing is forgiveness from those  you hurt is (mostly) easy, getting over your mistake is what is so hard!

Sometimes you meet the people who may hurt you, and sometimes life throws you curveballs and you feel like it is the end of the world.

The sun will come up again. The rain will stop one day. Your pain you feel now, will end one day.   

But I am proud of you and well, think you are great. And I betcha I'm not the only one!

The way I designed this story is to also lend a hand by making it interactive so I can have some interactivity with my awesome friends (All of you guys!)) and you are part of Be Good's story! And the party has unlimited seats and you are invited!   

Also, I co-wrote the story with my ten year old kid brother! I told him so many people liked our story and he was totally thrilled! 0w0 So, thank you all whom like this story, you made a little boy very happy and I am grateful for that! 

This story is for all my friends and family I have chosen... " I know you are Good, I believe in you!"         


As part of thanks to you guys, the interactions will be based off your comments and suggestions! Just a Lass proved to me I have an awesome , very vocal audience , so I intend to repay that support!

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To support , PLEASE share this comic with anyone who likes rpgs games, retro pixel art, fairytales, puns, family, adventure...Basically anyone ;)





Thank you so much for everything, everyone!


ALSO : Please consider donating via Buy Me A Coffee at

XcaraBish Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Congrats im so Proud of you
Cierrafrya Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
ok ill buy you starbucks
internetshadow0000 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Congratulations! I may very well consider another commission from you...once I am not broke again.
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