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="center">Journalll by BubbleDriver

Hello, lovelies! What's up? I have been to Hong Kong on important family bizness! That is what is up! :3 

Stay tuned for pictures! I just revamped my journal art and have been working nonstop on the legend of sleepy Hollow series! Stay tuned for more previews and news! :3

Also, in order for me to work faster, I would like to ask for a little help if you want to see some more art from me faster. For years I have dreamt of getting a Clip paint studio! but have not the means, I have received many offers for my art in the past but have had to reject them due to a heavy school work load, now I am free, I would like to open slots to pay for one!

So whether you want to see more content or would like to see some fanart or even more comics from me, please consider it, won't you ? Thank you so very much!   

I shall tell you, I have a dream. And it's called the Legend of Sleepy Hollow! And the last and most final is free to view
and will be a masterpiece! But I would like to churn it out at a faster rate and would like some aid.If you want to see how the story of hapless Ichabod plays out, then stick around or consider ordering a picture from me , any dollar at all helps and goes into quickening my pace! ;3      

Journalll2 by BubbleDriver


1.Payment before drawings.NO PAY , NO WORK.And no begging of "I have not git my pocket money yet or paycheck, do it for me now and I pay you later" Sorry. buuut get your paycheck, THEN make pay me before you make your order. 


3. If you want me to reference , send me a picture to reference from a least!

Now ...Pricing!  

As I reeeally want a clip studio paint for the first time , I shall lower my prices as a special offer as I want it quick and soon!

One Hot Summer  Night by BubbleDriver

A3 artwork with lots of characters AND BACKGROUND ---> $30

Project room design by BubbleDriver

Room Conceptart with lots of details -- $30 ( Negotiable , providing you have less items in your room and it's smaller)

Background art 01 by BubbleDriver

Background artwork-- $28

character turntable Katrina Vantassel by BubbleDriver

Character turntables ---> $10 USD ( After offer ends $18)

The Dark Crystal Tribute by BubbleDriver

Detailed character WITH background! ---> $15 (After this offer ends $20)

Vanilla Naivete Zakai by BubbleDriver

Simple character, no bg ,colour --> $8 ( After offer ends $10)

no colour--> $5 (After offer ends $8)

Please help me? I really want to get a Clip studio paint for years and earn some money on my own. ;3333

Any donations , will be much appreciated and will receive a small chibi for the first five people who donate without a commission!

If you would be so kind , my paypal is at !

I only accept money through paypal! Thank you very much!

Bunny by nekofruit:icondajc-f1::icondajc-f2::icondajc2::icondajc3: Bunny by nekofruit


Also a mild warning, I am a university student studying at Lasalle College
of arts , studying in second year animation, speciallizing in 2D
animation , if sometimes my messages back to you are late, I am sorry ,
school is stressful . Also, I am juggling schoolwork and doing my
comics.So I will warn you when a major project is up as my schoolwork
above all is top priority, ao you all won't be left wondering where I
have gone off to . No worries I am determined to see these two comics
through and I will never leave any friends of mine hanging! . :heart:

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Ginseng-Cielo Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
Hello, I was wondering about the detailed character with background option, is it for one character, or two like the example? Thank you, they all look really lovely!
BubbleDriver Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! Thank you so much for your consideration! The maximum is two characters! But one is also alright! Thank you very much! :3
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June 29, 2014


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