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Patreon is UP

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 14, 2017, 4:17 AM

Pledge amounst are





I don;t need much. And I am NOT expecting much money from just one person unless they really are that generouus and likely doing well, themselves .

However, every bit counts into proving to Singapore society and EVERY person who ever sneered and spat at me that artists are worthless, that art should ONLY be a hobby and artists SHOULD never have been born at all , that we all are JOKES and we should slave at dead-end jobs we hate and have no interest at rather than work at what we were born to do.

Which is kinda asking a fish to go and climb a tree to get bananas.

We were born to swim,

Not fit into a mold.

So please. If you have a dollar...Perhaps you could consider helping me and my dream? It's not just about me crreating comics, or my sickness, it is about proving a point.

A special thanks to IrianWhitefox  who is my first patron and unlocked the special fanart request ;3 That's right, patrons get to influence my content and what they wanna see. ;3 It's a perk!

Thank you  LawfulStudios9646 who always favourites my journals and works !

P.S. :iconirianwhitefox: designs fantastic logos and does great graphic design. Check his gallery out! :)

About the Bubble by BubbleDriver

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Partreon 3 by BubbleDriver

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Every drop of support helps in helping me achieve my dream and I sincerely appreciate every help!  <3333

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October 14, 2017


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