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Hay everyone.Sorry if I have been offline but I have been busy trying to find a job, worrying about real life issues and angst.Oh and an exhibition.

But anyhoo,the only thing that is keeping me afloat is ...*gasp* a dating sim game. But what gets me is I genuinely like the main character, a shy goofy little mouse called 'insert name' Yukimura. Or if we are going by canon, Chizuru Yukimura. You guessed it, I am addicted to

@ bulgariansumo , I know you reccomended Hatoful boyfriend but for some reason I got really invested in this historical
shebang.Where the main character in Hatoful was badass-ish and in charge, the main character in
Hakuouki is shy and meek.Just a kid.

So being not into huge age gaps, I saw no unforseeable reason that to me, there was no other option, but a scrappy kid who looks younger than the scant years above the said main lead, a ragamuffin by the name of Heisuke Toudou. A cute ragamuffin but still one.

Read on his routes and everything and what clicks is that his route meant the main character is thrown out of her whiny drama fest and clinginess to a later we find out evil foster parent who abandoned her, into caring over his occasional boo boos after he revived at a terrible cost from the grave itself,co incidentally not, from protecting her, of becoming a vampiric being.Wowzas.

He's kind and considerate,he tries even before if you aren't going for him, as a friend to make the main character happy.Oh, and even though he  has a huge crush on her, and despite the fact she has been called a plain little thing who is struggling with internal angst about having to crossdross to survive and wants to look pretty like any other girl would , he thinks she looks pretty.Seriously, when a double of her pops up, in pretty makeup and a rich dress and everyone else on guard duty is gushing over said double, he comments not only does he think they look nothing alike but hints he likes the main lead better.Heisuke, subtle in courtship, you are not....Oh and he thinks she is way out of his league.He's a soldier and despite his longing after her pretty little head , he knows he might get killed in battle, they are in a war, and he wants her to be happy.Hell, even after just getting revived as a monster , all he can think about is worry about her and wonder if his pals are treating her right and wishing for her to be re united with her dad (this is before it is revealed said dad is not her actual dad and is full of it) and for her to be happy.    

And since I played his route, it was a huge cat and mouse of Heisuke resisting falling further in love ( She's too good for me! No! For her! I shall resist!) but failing each time, while the main lead practically throws herself at him , defends him from ax-crazy good friend who wants him to join his army of evil, and sighs after his pretty little head.Aah, young love.

It's angsty, it's got two dorky kids who struggle with crushing on their BFF , internal issues, growing up and living in a war, oh and politics. Did I mention it was angsty? And hella realistic if going by any of the routes. So we will stick to Heisuke's route. Right-o. He follows his mentor, Itou, causing a rift between BFFs Sansuke and Shinpachi. He is later disillusioned to find said Mentor is not as perfect as he thought, he misses his pals and his *cough* kinda girlfriend.Later on, BFFs drift away from him and move on.It's realistic in that esscence that despite the cutesy cutter storybook bullshit that people's bonds last strong true and pure forever that we have fed since forever in movies and books that ooh 'friends forever, i would take a  bullet for you crap' , ....Nothing in relationships last forever,people eventually meet new people, change for the better or worse and...move on.And your idols are most certaintly, if you are unfortunate, can be ...not perfect.Because they are only human, duh.

So it got me thinking,now I have a comic coming out,the sequel to the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Out of this World is constantly on my mind but I have to throw this idea out of my head.

This might be lunacy, a mere one night stand of an idea but I am going cray-cray just thinking about it alone.

So I have set up a tumblr.A side tumblr from mai main blog!

And why is it called Memoirs of a Mao? Why, it's because the story of told from the point of view not the so called main lead, no,not it's not the P.O.V of the love interest, in this case, Heisuke. It's the point of view from the main character's pet CAT.

Whom I have named.

Dsadw by BubbleDriver

Mao is snarky,Mao thinks her charge , Chizuru is da best and only the best for her princess. Mao thinks Chizuru is hella stupid for dressing as a boy and running off her father but at least she still had enough sense to bring her along.Even if the city they are headed off to is in the midst of a petty civil war.

Mao thinks hoomans are pretty stupid.Mao thinks the hooman Chizuru keeps sighing about is decent but hardly worth looking at and lacks almost as much brain cells as Chizuru which should be a match made in heaven though he is not pretty. Mao thinks the oldest of the hoomans who happen to be keeping them locked up is prettier and therefore a better mate for her Chizuru but apparently Chizuru's heart has already been sadly stolen. *Sigh* At least it seems to be reciprocated.

A memoir of the courtship and life of  main character, Chizuru  and Heisuke, told from the point of view of the exasperated pet of Chizuru.

It's an ask blog and part diary. XD Updated whenever I am full of ideas and want to do it.!

Do please follow.It's empty now but once I have the strength Imma update! And if you like cats, angst , fluff,romance and adventures of growing up.In the middle of a bloody war.Forbidden love.Jealous rivils.Friendship.Oh and vampires.Did I mention the vampires?????  
bulgariansumo Featured By Owner May 17, 2014
It's okay! I know Hatoful can drag on during certain routes before getting to the actual (secret) story.
Hakuouki sounds interesting though! Heisuke and Yukimura's relationship sounds really crazy as well as sad considering Heisuke being a warrior.  I'll check it out! :)
I'll also check out Mao's blog. I'd love to see what things are like from the view of the MC's cat. :)
BubbleDriver Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for checking it out! 0v0
bulgariansumo Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
No problem! :)
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