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I am very excited because I finished a twelve page comic and while it has a very interesting main lead. I think I could start to like this year, the year of comics and weird main leads for me! <3

So far I have TWO stories , one in production, the other , more of in the brainstorm page but I already love the main characters. <333 Honestly though, sometimes you create introspective leads.Sometimes you want to create leads who make you laugh and laugh AND teach through their pain self inflicted, mostly by their own prejudice and ignorance, a good message and tough topics.

I love history. I also happen to love monsters both human and non-human. I love fantasy.You see where I am going?

Anyway, if you are reading my post. Congrats, you bothered. If you post a reply, you stand a chance to win a behind the scenes compilation book of all my research and thoughts behind BOTH comics.

Rose Sweet Polly Oliver- Pukefart Oliver is a spoiled blue-blooded brat kidnapped by his enemy, Jack Dawkins, for entry into the Freedom Fighters, enemy of the Monarchy. Spared from being killed even after his father refuses to pay the ransom fee, Oliver must learn to survive in the Fighters in order to someday be reunited with his little sister. Sweet Polly Oliver likewise is a historical fantasy. It comments on mostly history and is mainly action ,comedy and romance and discussion on caste and rank and blood. Read if you like obscure facts and seeing the main character make seriously ugly faces as he suffers for being an uptight rude brat.

:shakespine: Ai*Roni- Ffffe by BubbleDriver

Historical fantasy set in feudal fantastical japan. Ai-Roni is centred around the titular character, a demon slaying priestess and a feral child she picked up whom she names 'Ran', and their journey to find and join a powerful artifact by purifying demons.Oh and a small tidbit, Ran used to eat dead people and Ai-Roni ...Does not have a heart. Ai-Roni is about redemption, kindness, humanity and hope. Oh and throw in dark humour, comedy (to sweeten the tears) ,discussions on gender, human nature, angst and tragedy. It has a little romance compared to Sweet Polly Oliver. Read if you are open minded, like japanese history and mythology and Yokai* ((Monsters,demons and spirits in japanese culture.))

Readers who bother to like this, get noticed. Readers who bother to comment with long relevant comments and I DO read all of them, will get entered into winning a pdf book at the end of years.Readers who bother to comment, like, share, and read my posts regularly , and I have a book for this for all ye faithful , will get a request answered.

For now, I have a quick question. Which of these two are you interested in and why? Answer well and LONG and you win a small prize to start the bandwagon going! 0w0


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Submitted on
March 22, 2017