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Mael Storm

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 4, 2015, 7:21 AM

Personally, yes, I love my characters but if I honestly met any of them in real life, I would be hard pressed to be best buddies with most of them as they all have issues.

Especially in JAL, For starters.

Lass has a huge inferiority complex with a fragile ego which she compensates by lashing out.Her way of thinking that finding a perfect mate would somehow magically solve all her problems comes of to me as misogynist with a hint of misandry.I probably would loathe her.

And don't get me started on Sanny Storm AND Justin Pleinsite.

 BUT , I suppose there is an exception to every case.

Meet Mael Storm.

Mae2 by BubbleDriver

Sweet, insecure and incredibly naive, she is the sidekick of Samara Storm.

Initially starting off as a huge besotted fan of the legendary super heroine who treats her despite her devotion, as a slave.

Mael starts off on hostile terms with the evil Harpy.After all, the public fears her, she is public enemy number one since forever and has only grown in notoriety for TEN years.

And on the hit list of her idol AND many other super heroes for good reason. Several being robbing banks, zapping heads of corporations, stealing, arson, seemingly random destruction…You get the idea.

Until the day it is the Harpy who saves her from a fatal fall instead of Sam and comments angrily that the League is getting worse in it’s treatment of sidekicks.Leading to a conversation that leads to Mael questioning EVERYTHING she has believed in and the seeds of doubt have thus been sown in her mind.

Eventually, the pair become odd friends. The Harpy can tell the kid has not been eating and gives her sandwiches after the pair fight as a parting gift or  leaves the food packages usually filled with food stamps and cash.

The Harpy eventually tracks down the girls civilian identity.Mae by BubbleDriver

And as Lass offers her a stable job on the grounds she wants footage of the Superhero’s sidekick, furthering the girl’s struggle of the concept of good and evil as Lass exposes her to the corruption in the city and WHY supervillians like the Harpy exist in the first place and how the Super hero society was founded and the injustice of the sidekick society .

Lass scoffs at the idea of the Harpy ever allying herself with the Heroes when asked. “Ally! Kid, the Harpy exists in the first place because of these so called anchors of society!”    

Ironically, while Mael Storm started off disliking the Harpy, she instantly likes Lass, thinking she seems almost familiar in a way she cannot fanthom. She eventually deduces Lass is the Harpy and is well prepared for the time Lass reveals her identity to her one pillar of constant, in a pique , hoping the girl would leave her too.

I would probably like Mae should I meet her.

bulgariansumo Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015
Mael Storm seems very lovable (her design's adorable, too!) 
Too bad she's treated so badly by her idol.

It's really interesting how she ends up having to confront her own perspective of good and evil, and that sometimes those who are seen as good in the eyes of the world have their own problems.
PenTheCat Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sadly i was sick for a while and i never really got to read about lass ;o; but i will try and catch up ;3
LawfulStudios9646 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, that is a very well detailed description of your characters and how you would react to them.
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