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Hiya. You guys might have noticed I have been writing more and drawing less. I always felt I needed to explain but thing is, I was a writer before I was an artist. XD Sp002 by BubbleDriver

I drew pictures to enhance my writing , but writing, the act of writing is always paramount to me. So by forgetting writing , the act of writing instead of going by the fly. Some awesome folks are able to do that. My habit is to plot it out before I start anything.

I forgot how to write, because realistically speaking , as an animator, and even before that, it was hammered into me as good as I was. And as good old J.K Rowling proved or any other famous writer, not that I am famous although I will not lie, that being a writer, artist is SUFFERING.That you will be poor and your family would suffer alongside with you as you struggled to produce that one hit.  To someday see my books in stores would be the end game, the mother lode. Anyhow, it was hammered into me that writing would never EVER be a viable career choice.

And you know what is hypocrisy? The world keeps begging for writers, lamenting the loss of it's authors, artists who only make it after trying and somehow managing to keep the spark , but are already in their middle age and let us face it, middle age is half a foot in the grave as my parents say. What if the world encouraged writers and artists? And it was a global thing? They were given support and recognition instead of being seen as 'eccentric' , frivolous, as nuts until they geeeeet famous. The world kills its writers and artists by demanding they pursue their dreams, yet decrying them when they do so and for refusing to recognize the importance of writing and art.

People live to be recognized in some way, and for their purpose.Point is...

I have been writing.

A lot.

You guys can't see it yet but building whole worlds is a tiring, fun and tortuous process.

I so far has five volumes of a new comic series after Sweet Polly Oliver which I am DETERMINED TO finish.

Next comic will probably run alongside Oliver although Oliver will be super detailed , the other is more simple stylistically speaking . Which is challenging as I am used now to drawing in Oliver's style which is kind of detailed .

Next Comic will be very...cartoony. Is all I am saying.

Stay tuned!
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Cheesecake2002 Featured By Owner May 7, 2017  Student Digital Artist
omg that face is so amazinG
Potato-Yi Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Student General Artist
You started as a writer and used art to support the writing.
However, your arts skills are very good. (^u^

And yep, building an entire world on your own with its logic, systems, characters, features, everything can be pretty confusing. xD

But anyways, all the best with your comic! 
IrianWhitefox Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Professional Interface Designer
Good luck with the project! You can do it!

His face just made me laugh so hard my dog got upset. :XD:
milkiatte Featured By Owner May 6, 2017
Aaah you're totally right, there should be more encouragement for creatives and content creators everywhere <3
And good luck with the comics you have planned, I'm excited to see what you come up with ^_^
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May 6, 2017


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