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Just a Lass UPDATE

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 10, 2015, 6:20 AM
Hello all! *waves*

Just gonna throw this here. I still cannot believe how I created this style but erm, I am in love.

Ladies and gents, may I give to you what you can expect Just a Lass to look like!

Jal Head by BubbleDriver

A Lass headshot! Posting it here cause I am so proud I have decided on a style I liked. Just a Lass is definitely a challenge because I tried a variety of stuff on Lass ((She's the main lead. I ALWAYS DO my leads first because they are gonna decide the rest of the cast's look!)) ...Ain't she pretty? No really. I am rusty with pretty, The prettiest I did was Medusa and hers was more of a Wonder woman badass gorgeous before and after! So I am really chuffed. Not gonna lie. Yay! ^v^

Also, ignore her lameass hair. It's so ...blobby in comparision , yes I knows to the rest of her polished features.

But her hair colour was giving me a major headache! Will update once my lovely BOBs and I have decided on a eye colour!...AFTER the costume for Lass here is decided.

Sorry if I am spazzing, but I am still gasping at how pretty this chick is. Well, she is loud and soft. A badass and maternal. Romantic and will not take anyone's shit. Proud and yet kind. Her real face is a HUGE contrast to the Harpy , soft and motherly looking until she opens her mouth.Aaaah, super villians. They give me life.Compare it to her ....Costume. Infact I'll try and place the two together for comparision!

Jal Head by BubbleDriverEliminatedf by BubbleDriver

Next time you see this chick, it will be polished!Also please vote in the polls above for Lass's villian costume! I need to know before we advance to round 2 whioch will be Lass's eye colour! :) That's right! Your response has been phenomenal and it counts! Help me make characters and a story you will wanna read! ;) Thank you!  

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August 10, 2015


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