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Comic thoughts

Mon Feb 3, 2014, 10:52 AM

Aaah,yes, I have a dozen messages I am going through since my trip to Indonesia where I visited my sick aunt.But I'll get to them, I promise! As soon as I finish my homework and stuff.

The legend of Sleepy Hollow is making slow but steady progress as currently I am alll about the quality! ;)   Here's a tiny preview, guys! 9 by BubbleDriver

Sleepy     Hollow is my current baby though I will divulge.Out of the World is currently in the works.Though in the meantime, my mind has been straying back to the Baldur's game 2 realm.Never played the game buuuuut I watched plenty of romance mods (Yes, yes I am a sap.) on youtube and read plenty of dialogues in the gaming forums.Have to say my favourite mod would have to be the Solaufein romance.

Aww yiss, for all those who don't know,let me give you a brief rundown as I am still reeling from an old fandom re hit or re crush.

Solaufein is a dark elf/aka Dark elf who belongs to the Underdark, in which interestingly the females weild more power than the males.It is a cruel harsh matriachal dominated system.Originally an NPC, players liked his character so  much they expanded him into an additional player / romance-able character for the game.

Jaded,snarky and cold to the player and his/her party at the beginning, he eventually begins to thaw and reveals to the party that the reason for his lack of trust issues was due to a lover who betrayed him , after being semi tortured and brainwashed into becoming evil.If you choose to get into a relationship with Solaufein, he eventually changes from wary, grumpy , jaded and snippy to a more mature, wise and caring elf who is willing to bare his heart and dare to love again. And...There is something very beautiful about that I find, to have been so deeply hurt by someone whom you trusted, looked up to only to find yourself questioning your relationship with them, on loosing the very faith and ability to reach out to others, to be so jaded and lashing out at any others touch, believing in the very worst of others , only to have your faith reinstated by .... someone. That someone whom you looked sown upon and ironically thought below your notice  only for her to become one of the most,if not the most important person in your life, to be so touched that you begin to regain your faith and learn how to trust and love again.

When I was a lot younger I created a small story that I have been picking on and off which is a parody though not related at all to 'How I met your mother' which is told from the Point of View of Solaufein from the time he met the main character of Baldur's gate, (in this story, a mute elf warrior called ....'Charname' Yes,yes, creative name, much). Not very faithful to the game and contains lots of fluff.Because dang, did Solaufein suffer  ALOT.  Here's a tiny VERY ROUGH doodle of the comic cover.

Doodle by BubbleDriver

Sooo, judging from the title, you already can tell.This story WILL have a happy ending with kids,a white picket fence, a dog and erm, a horse drawn carriage.  But not before a heapful of angst,betrayal, pining and loads of fluffiness! XD  I am planning to run it sporadically along side Sleepy Hollow.So here's to it! ;)

Oh and here is a mini summary! :D

How I met your Mother  

It's not easy being a drow, it is even harder when you are a good aligned male Drow in a mostly evil aligned matriachal society.Throw in a tragic angsty past with a rough breakup and a vengeful scheming ex and you have a whopper of a problem to stay alive.Solaufein of Ust Natha has ninety problems but one is heading his way that will change his life, whether he likes it or, forever. Chronicling from the very first meeting of 'Charname', to being turned into a (ick)  Lich vampire slave for an vampire , being pursued by his past. right to the final Confrontation with  Jon Irenicous, right to the very end. Charname has a story but this is Solaufein's part of the story of him and the Bhaalspawn.


Not very true to canon ,characters VERY OOC, this is highly based off the game and not...very true to it at all , excepting a few minor scenes where the characters interact , and the plot. For one, the main character is not mute in any of the options , but I did think, considering it is an rpg and well, there are a lot of silent male protagonists but I have yet to see a female one, why not make one who is well, silent?

Tiny Bios btw. XD

Solaufein of Ust Natha ( Narrator and protagonist of the story) : Grumpy, jaded , highly defenseful of himself and guarded, Solaufein has been through a rough breakup , which involved his heart torn out, trampled, kicked  and run through a paper shredder , metaphorically speaking.He has virtually lost almost all hope of finding goodness in people and life in general.He hates everything and everyone and everyday is gloomy and dreary as heck to him.Oh ,and he hates you too. XD Somewhere along the name he is commanded to lead a troop to save (ironically) his ex by his masters .Said troop has an enigmatic chatty drow warrior whom he finds an odd psychic connection, inexplicably able to decrypt and uncannily read her sign language to the point he only realizes after the troops leader tells him point blank, said female is mute and that he has oddly been able to tell what she is saying without even pausing.Despite his pissy attitude to troop and Miss ChatterBox who cannot talk but does talk, in particular, he finds himself, despite his reasoning, intrigued and curious by this strange, kind , open drow and begins to open up to her eventually.

Charname of Candlekeep ( Secondary lead) : A mute elvern warrior, she undertook a rite of Silence which means she will only speak again after a great heroic deed has been accomplished as part of her training.Kind hearted, compassionate, and a giant even among her own kind, despite her tall stature, Charn is timid and a gentle giant at heart, despite being tortured and having her soul extracted by an evil mage called Jon Irenicus and losing her foster father and other father figure  and being a spawn of an evil god called Bhaal.When not going into the occasional Slayer induced rage , she is in general sweet and child like. She goes with her group to the Underdark, disguised as drow, to Ust Natha in hopes of confronting Irenicus in hopes of getting her soul back, where they meet Solaufein.While confused and hurt by Solaufein's harshness and coldness, she does her best to be kind to him when they interact, sensing a great pain under his anger and ...some goodness.

Imoen of Candlekeep : Human mage and foster sister to Charname, Imoen has , despite her playful demeanour has always been protective of Charname ever since they were little , looking out for her, depsite being younger and does not take well to the prickly Solaufein.When not bristling at Solaufein's snarkiness and rudeness to her sibling , she is busy wrestling with their mother figure, Jahiera of leadership over the group. Imoen is also at times frustrated by Charn's inability to talk , her own inability to decode   Charname's charades or sign language , and also having suffered the same devastating losses as Charn herself , adds to a roiling inner turmoil, which she conceals under hope, a smile and cheery nature. She and Charname used to be very close as children and are still pretty close , though with the recent loss of her soul, the pair have found difficulty in communicating like they used to. And while she will never admit it, Imoen is a little jealous of Solaufein's ability to decrypt Charname's dialogue. Likewise, she is a Bhaalspawn.

Jahiera : Half Elvern Druid/fighter who partially raised both Charname and Imoen, she tends to be a bit overprotective of both girls and smother them at times, forgetting they have grown up.She is currently leading the group on a quest, in exacting revenge for her husband who was tortured to death at the hands of the deranged mage and seeking the souls of her foster daughters. She regards all men with a wary eye, seeing all of them as predators ,on the hunt for her daughters who happen to be at the ripe age for marriage.While she does not consider Solaufein being a drow and seemingly evil at that, a threat (aka love interest) , she does consider him a rude little twerp with no manners whatsoever and is itching to trounce his ass despite her coolness towards him.Fiery and maternal and the voice of reason in the group, she struggles providing comfort to her daughters, letting go of them, and mourning her late husband who was closer to both the girls and had served as a bridge and pillar of support in the group before.

Minsc and Boo:  Rashemi warrior who despite sporting a goofy and kindhearted nature ,  unlike the rest of the group has come close to bashing Solaufein up for his rudeness to Charname due to his outspoken and addled nature. He does not like the nasty drow , nuh-uh, with his big mouth and nose stuck in the air , and Boo tells him to kick said big head's butt big time but noooo, he can't do that. Oh and he has a hamster named Boo. Boo is his best mini space hamster friend.Likewise, Minsc and Boo are travelling to kick Irenicus's butt for torturing his witch to death, Dynaheir,  

Anomen: Human Knight traning under Keldorn, Anomen has been difficult in the past but is more level headed after being under Keldorn for a time . Likewise , he does not take well to Solaufein's snarkiness, though like Charname he can sense a great pain under the beastly attitude and does his best to calm the others when Jahiera is at her wits end, when dealing with the 'Broody one'. Brave and well meaning for the most part, Anomen has been trying to learn to control his temper, especially around Imoen who enjoys teasing him especialy when at times he displays moments of his old ways  of being self centred, pushy and arrogant which requires a great deal of patience.Anomen is also very insecure and dreads the day Keldorn leaves the group, seeing him as her mentor figure and constant in his life.

Keldorn : Wise and fatherly human paladin, he tries his best not to judge others  and be fair , though clearly he finds Solaufein abrasive even compared to Anomen in the past. He and Jan are close friends , both reminscing about the old days when the world was simpler, villians more foolish , less powerful and oh, there weren't so much  vampires around.He sees Anomen as the son he never had, and is closest to him.However he has been thinking of late of retiring and leving the group, due to him getting a bit tired.

Jan: A feisty gnome obsessed with turnips, he is mostly responsbile for gathering food, though he has been banned from cooking a meal as he adds a dollop of turnip to everything. He currently, much to Anomen's relief has taken to baiting Solaufein every time they meet, deeming him as a self righteous namby -pamby pretty boy whose head is needed a good extracting from his own butt Like most of the group he is not fond of Solaufein when they first meet either.

Jon Irenicus : Evil doer, exiled cursed fomerly elvern mage who was cursed, he tortured Charname, Imoen , Minsc and Jaheira as well as responsible for the deaths of Khalid, Jaheira's husband and Dynaheir , Minsc's witch and extracted the souls of Imoen and Charname.He is responsible for going to the Underdark City of Ust Natha to incite a war between his former home of  Suldanessellar . He and his exchanges are secretly  observed by Solaufein whom thinks he is a disgusting evil man though he does not know the full evilness or cruelty the mage is capable of .Cold, aloof,and consumed by revenge, he wants the world to suffer like he did after his betrayal at the hands of a former lover. He has Charname's soul.

Bodhi: Evil doer, vampire, former elf and 'sister' of Irencius , while too busy aiding her brother in inciting a war , she later takes an unhealthy interest in Solaufein which bears tragic consequences.Spiteful , vicious and heartless, she enjoys playing mind games at the cost of innocent people for her own personal enjoyment and terroized a town, enslaving many for the fun of it. She has Imoen's soul.  






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bulgariansumo Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014

That final panel for the Sleepy Hollow preview is beautiful! :lol:


Nice set up of characters for How I Met Your Mother! I find Charname to be quite interesting with her peppy personality despite the 'Trial of Silence' she has to go through.


By the way, if you like romantic stories with interesting characterization, I reccomend the Hatoful Boyfriend series of games . To give you a glimpse at what it's about, the protagonist is a human high school girl/ hunter-gatherer, who is one of the last of her kind, that tries to find love at an all-pigeon school. It's a lot more sophisticated than it sounds, but, you get the idea. :XD:

BubbleDriver Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much! Well, I like to think she serves as a foil to my characterization of Solaufein.Sweet and Bitter.Clumsy and Sharp.Gentle and Harsh.Clumsy and Grace.It has been put on hold.I have lots on my plate.And yes, I have seen Hato-ful boyfrined.It is interesting! 
magusVroth Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Professional Artist
Well, certainly looks like you've got quite a bit on your plate, but it's nice to see that you've got a good grasp on what you want to do. Good for you my friend, and I hope it does work out for you. :)
BubbleDriver Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm.I might have to put it on hold.I hope you understand but school is very important to me right now as well as finding a job. >.< Thank you so much!
magusVroth Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Professional Artist
Ah, well no worries. You do what you're comfortable with, and I'll still wish you all the luck in school and finding a workplace that you enjoy. :) You are very welcome, as always, my friend. :D
BubbleDriver Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You never cease to cheer me up.Thank you so much! It means a lot to me!
magusVroth Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Professional Artist
Hey, that's what I do, friend. I'm happy that doing so can make you so happy, too. :)
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