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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 10, 2017, 7:07 PM
Bubbly Journal entry by BubbleDriver

Bubble Bard by BubbleDriverOkays. I heard from you guys. And the main consensus is, that there is an agreement that you guys want me to focus on 1 SERIES of comics and see it through.

Sounds like a game changer. Okay! I would need your help though!

I want your input but PLEASE take note. Your comments and feedback matter. But I only count VOTES IN THE POLLS.


Now based on my previous journal entry .

I need to know which comic you guys think would attract others, which you WANT to promote, and most importantly want to pay for!

Now to make this easy, I am going to pitch the ideas.

1. Perfectly Norma

- A slice of life shounen series about a pretty normal girl and a magical boy. Gets meta cuz the magical boy is drawn to our main girl, Norma who balances the maguicness in him by being a voice of reason and letting him appreciate the normalness of life .

The Magical boy who is called Shou Nan makes her see the magic in life. Oh and Shou has the powers of time-rewrite. He starts over the time line again and agian cuz he knows in each time Norma is destined to be DOOMED if they are together but is unable to stay away for long.  Norma FINALLY ends this bad habit and thus starts our story. They balance school, part-time jobs, magical tournaments, crazy ex-girlfriends , their complicated feelings for each other and later, evil grandpas.  Now based in fictional place like japan and is 99% more weeaboo. 

((Think SCOTT PILGRIM meets Shaman King meets Ranma1/2))
2. Is it Deja Vu

- A dark magical girl series about a girl called Arta Pendragon.25 year old loser, Arta Pendragon has been fired from her deadend job and kicked out by her deadbeat (now ex-)boyfriend. On top of that, she suffers from mysterious terrifying dreams that has led to her drinking coffee in a bid to stay up which results in a vicious cycle of getting fired due to her exhaustion . The last thing she was thinking of was getting a crush on a stranger. But when mysterious Mordred Kingsley waltzes into her life, the coffee oddly stops working its magic for WONDERFUL sleepless nights. Arta has now to find a way to deal with nightmares, get a new job. When she gets a new job , little does she know that is the first step of starting a destiny long forestalled by malevolent forces.

((Sailor Moon meets Puella Madoka Magica meets Scott Pilgrim.))

3. Quest!

- A fantasy comedy comic about an exiled princess who was  foretold to be the bad one due to her powers she gets on her thirteenth birthday and thus exiled. 10 years later, she ironically is enlisted by the hero of the land and her old mentor due to a darkness taking over the land. Can a 'Villian' really be a HERO? Tackles game mechanics, nerd lingo, has easter eggs and cameos from OTHER games and comics in this! Oh and tackles a heavy subjects such as parental abuse, emotional abuse and abandonment.))

(( Legend of Zelda meets Undertale meets THE GREAT WARRIOR))


Now even if you have no money , which is of no obligation , to support either of the series . But if you had a series you would support ...Please vote in the polls! Because I cannot stress how much your opinion matters in makingg comics that appeal to you and make you happy inside! :)


MisterIndo Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Quest sounds pretty awesome 
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