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Be Good is OUT AGAIN

Mon Dec 7, 2015, 6:40 PM

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Be Good page 1 redone by BubbleDriver
Ladies and Gentlemen! You all have been a most wonderful audience and it is here I finally will repay your attention and devotion for just five panels with a reworked CANON version of what the comic will officially look like now! :) (Smile)

Due to hugely overwhelming demand, because so many of you guys love your mamas ((Boy howdy, the notes I got to reveal the Princess's momma were overwhelming)) You guys will get to see this sweet heartwarming scene between Princess___ and Momma dearest. ((Alas , you guys know my shameful, shameful secret of drawing sparkley badass mothers with divine powers beings.... moms with their progeny))  Here it is in all it;s glory, a compiled page of votes!

Thank you everyone for the support. Remember, Be Good's support and outreach is all thanks to you folks and without you, this would never have happened. I know I am a nag, but here again is the voting panel. A vote a day,means outreach is more. And more support is always welcomed ;) (Wink) Next page is up tomorrow. Get ready as the votes are gonna open again soon!

So, please vote , my pretties and handsomes, please?

We are currently in rank 397! HOORAY!…

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Submitted on
December 7, 2015