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Transformers - Euphony by BubbleDriver Transformers - Euphony by BubbleDriver
Euphony is Cybertron's number four idol and the youngest. His music is rapidly gaining a large following throughout the galaxy since he was added to the roster of Cybertron's top singers. He is known for his playful nature which has won the sparks (and hearts) of Cybertronians. Euphony has many origins and however, he tends to stick to the story he is of regal standing , a lost prince who escaped from a loveless engagement , adding to his mysterious allure.No bot really knows but everyone likes to guess. He turns into a Jet.

ACTUAL Origins: Euphony was sparked towards the start of the war in Iacon to two Decepticons who later were killed in battle , leaving him an orphan. All he knew was strife, hunger , and having to fend for himself from an early age from stragglers, the decepticons and gunfire. Euphony later was luckily picked up by a kindly mech (One of Bolt's parental units) who later rescued him and later boarded a shuttle as part of the dozens of neutrals fleeing the conflict. Onboard, he was later inducted into the Circle of Light as a knight in training due to his talent and belief in their cause. His determination and hardworking nature won over many , and he quickly rose in ranks. In time, despite his (then) serious nature, he became close friends with another mech, called Bolt and also was close to his mentor, a prominent knight named Wing, however it was more professional than the emotional brotherly bond shared between Wing and Bolt. Euphony supported Wing's decision to bring in the Decepticon Deadlock and was quick to discourage Bolt's jealousy of Wing's attention given to the newcomer. He later enlisted as part of Wing's retinue, glad to die alongside his mentor and Bolt's parental unit who had saved him as a youngling. He was NOT happy to find that Bolt had decided to follow them , and they had a fight. Bolt fled in tears. Euphony thought Bolt would return to Crystal City, however, he was later horrified that Bolt had apparently been killed in battle. Traumatized and guilt-stricken, Euphony left the Circle shortly after Drift went and hitched a ride to the nearest space port. He later grew quite a name for himself for his voice and singing ability and he heavily modified himself to be sleeker, changed his paint job for this new lifestyle as well as to distance himself from his past. By the time he reached Iacon, his former heavy build of a knight was slimmed down , and he caught the eye of a famous talent scout who was looking for a fourth member to set up a band made up of famous singers. There, he was groomed , and quickly took to the lifestyle. Or at least appears to. 

His mission and purpose in the story: Euphony is like many other cybertronians, suffering from severe PTSD, abandonment issues and incredible guilt. He hides behind working very, very hard and a life of stardom but there is only so long you can run and hide from your problems and past. Forced to go to Respark, a planet specializing in relaxation and healing specifically mentally and emotionally , sounds like a death knell for Euphony in terms of career (Great! This is gonna go down well, isn't it? All my hardwork and now branded as a loony!) , but after pressure from his co-workers and support (Rosanna is a sweetheart.) He grudgingly goes. There, he finds himself face to face with a very fammiliar face he thought was OFFLINED. Shock to joy then to shock again , as 'Bolt' does not seem to remember him , Euphony finds himself pulling every trick in his book to get his friend to leave with him. The problem is, Respark city does not like the prospect of losing any of their workers and the two young mechs find themselves finding out the dark secrets of the supposedly happy and positive city.Euphony's mission is infact to learn to let go of the past, learn to open up and live again.

Personality: Euphony is pretty complex, despite a carefully built up persona of being a confident, cocky flirt who has innumerable affairs with fans and prominent figures . In reality, he is hardworking, determined and pretty savvy. He does not trust easily.HOWEVER, to those who have earned his trust and friendship find a very loyal friend who takes protecting them from any threat nearly to an obsessive level. As in he is willing to be killed or to kill to protect them.  

Alignment: Neutral. (His parents were low level grunts of the Decepticon cause who were killed off before he even could remember them.)

((Oh yah. NON-CANON. GUYS. PLEASE BE NICE. Drive is here TFOC Drive is a cutie ALSO WIP by BubbleDriver

FYI, on't USE WITHOUT PERMISSION in videos, your blogs or reviews. Okay? 0w0 Be a good guy. Don't be a butt.

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D3AD-MAD-HATT3R Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Great design and interesting backstory.
numberguy128 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Holy hell that looks like a real comic book cover 0_o
BubbleDriver Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much! It meant a lot to me to hear that as I tried my best. I know I do my best to do strictly original works. But Transformers (IDW) Comics helped me through a very bad time and they still are helping me , and I love it so very much! I did my best to observe the professional artists and mimic the feel of it. :) So I am very happy to hear it might have succeeded!
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