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Token Offering 4-Fadeddreams by BubbleDriver Token Offering 4-Fadeddreams by BubbleDriver
<You shuffle the box of faded stars. They glow a little , still in the dim of the evening. You wonder if this will be enough but so far She has been nothing but kind . Nothing like an eldritch creature who has a perchant for lolita clothing . You infact mistook her for a real life magical girl and asked her if that was what she was, the first time you met.  She considered it with a tilt of her head. "Oh,hun. They don't make magical girls my size." And  She smiled at you, teeth far too sharp and needle like to belong to any mortal. That and magical girls do not consort with creatures, spirits like old friends. You gaze out around you. Soon,it will be dark. And she will come.>

Place this token along side your comments when commenting in the journals or comments with a story ABOUT Urbanlegends/monsters/artifiacts and the people who search for them and I will definitely respond on the story~! 0w0 I look forward to your stories! If chosen, they will be featured in the journal entry alongside your username and particulars! :)

Note: Please, please , kindly favourite and  link back to me if you are using these pixel token when not commenting in my journals and comments sections on :iconbubbledriver: , I don't mind people using it but I would greatly appreciate it if you listened to these simple rules as I created it for use for interacting with my friends on my blog! ^^
Magdahr Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is SO adorable & the pastel stars look so dreamy <3
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