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Token Offering 3 -Biscuit by BubbleDriver Token Offering 3 -Biscuit by BubbleDriver
<You wince at this tidbit. You supplied the cookie, strictly what would be termed jewel-cookies, gem-cookies but what She was placing rather excitedly on the frosting. Eyeballs from various animals stare back, glassily at you from a chipped porcelain bowl. You have no idea how a and where She found the eye balls but as you watch dainty blood-flecked hands dip the eyeballs raw into the frosting and  teeth far to sharp to belong to any human tear into the eyeball first before a long,long tongue sweeps up the biscuit, eyeball remnants and all into a mouth far too wide and scarlet to belong to any mortal, that you decide rather uneasily that you would rather not know.  You cough delicately and the spirit looks up. You wish to tell her about a memory. A far off long ago momento of times gone past. Well..Not exactly but that Strawberry Shortcake doll that was the rage in the 80's ,well, you found out a rather ghastly rumour about one of the dolls... >

Place this token along side your comments when commenting in the journals or comments with a story ABOUT A CREEPY RUMOUR/URBAN LEGEND/MYTH/CREATURE FROM THE 90'S OR 80'S , WELL ANY ERA BEFORE 2000s and I will definitely respond on the story~! 0w0 I look forward to your stories! If chosen, they will be featured in the journal entry alongside your username and particulars! :)

Note: Please, please , kindly favourite and  link back to me if you are using these pixel token when not commenting in my journals and comments sections on :iconbubbledriver: , I don't mind people using it but I would greatly appreciate it if you listened to these simple rules as I created it for use for interacting with my friends on my blog! ^^
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May 21, 2016
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