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Token Offering 1 -Shattered Childhood by BubbleDriver Token Offering 1 -Shattered Childhood by BubbleDriver
<You jangle the bag of crumbling glass marbles with a worn design of butterflies. They twinkle in the sunlight of the evening. You place it before the stump of the tree and wait. It shouldn't be long, She arrives when the sun just goes down, you have thought long an hard about this one and wish to tell her about toys/mystical artifacts with a rather tragic past.>

Place this token along side your comments when commenting in the journals or comments with a story and I will definitely respond on the story~! 0w0 I look forward to your stories! If chosen, they will be featured in the journal entry alongside your username and particulars! :)

Note: Please, please , kindly favourite and  link back to me if you are using these pixel token when not commenting in my journals and comments sections on :iconbubbledriver: , I don't mind people using it but I would greatly appreciate it if you listened to these simple rules as I created it for use for interacting with my friends on my blog! ^^

Kindly please credit the artwork as mine in the following format, 'Artwork featured above belongs to (c) :iconbubbledriver: . Terms of use allow any user to post stories/comments in each JOURNAL Bubbledriver puts up  with said artwork in the comments or as literature headers but all must be credited back to the original artist.' :) (Smile)
IrianWhitefox Featured By Owner May 19, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
I will try my best to remember using it! :dummy:
Velsinte Featured By Owner May 19, 2016   Digital Artist
!! so pretty! :D
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