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The Lady and the Pirate by BubbleDriver The Lady and the Pirate by BubbleDriver
A whirlwind romance and adventure set in Space, the Lady and the Pirate centers around Gwendoline "Wendy" Pan , a respected Naval
Admiral who is on the hunt of the nest of the 'Demon', a Legendary pirate captain who is plotting to take over the world with his army of sea dogs, and the only available link leads to a persistent suitor of hers, Mae Storm, another pirate who has a mysterious link with the Demon.

Taking a cue from her piratical beau, she steals into his ship, by taking him and his crew captive, she binds Mae to her  in order to get him to tell her the location, the only problem is, by his own free will can she get the information and Mae seizes this chance to win the heart of his love by drawing it out as slowly as possible.

What happens when Chaos and Law fall in love? Find out!

FYI, I fiiiinally got this out of the way. Lady and the Pirate at the moment is keeping me afloat coz I'm really sad and mopey about my illness and being jobless. :p It's fun writing very upbeat 'shounen' characters who happen to be girls. XD I hope you guys will like the characters ;) I suppose I better introduce you to them soon as this comic is very...interesting as it has alternating povs between five ladies! XD I am curious which lady would be the favourite! Till then! <3333
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January 22, 2017
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