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TF Sneak preview by BubbleDriver TF Sneak preview by BubbleDriver
You guys voted and the results are in that my OC , Drive should be from Crystal City and a (former) warrior in training there. Now this ain't Drive buuuut the other character from the story. Euphony is his name and well, can you guys tell me what 'Euphony' means? XD It should let you guys know what his special skill is ;3 .  I'll give you a hint, he sings reaaaaally good. XD I really like the shine here. Does this count as cheating on my original diet? A biiiit but as they are all totally original characters within a popular franchise, they are semi-original. XD 

Guys. This is so stupid but Transformers is so inspirational to me and so cool. I love the level of detail in the comics (idw) and robots are a totally different field for me and I TOTALLY failed a month back so seeing this end product after years of telling myself that I could not draw anything Transformers related cuz that skill level is needed to be quite high, I think I 20% succeeded ! 0w0 20% is better than 0%! So I am geeking out a little over my little achievement that was so test my boundaries in shading. I think I can use it in my upcoming projects. 0w0 

Drive is here TFOC Drive is a cutie ALSO WIP by BubbleDriver

FYI, on't USE WITHOUT PERMISSION in videos, your blogs or reviews. Okay? 0w0 Be a good guy. Don't be a butt.

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D3AD-MAD-HATT3R Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
He looks so cool
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