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Steven Universe the AU
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Published: March 14, 2015
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OMG.I just saw the latest Steven Universe and as usual it blew my mind away.But it also kicked my stupid dumb butt of a brain into wondering what an alternate universe of the ‘Homeworld Gems’ would be if they had their roles reversed with our Crystal Gems?

Also, if you are wondering why they have different uniform designs.Stands to reason if they allied themselves behind Rose, it stands to reason they would have different ‘uniforms’ or clothes.I chose to give Peridot more of a turtleneck and old bell jar jeans look for that 80′s mom look. ..Though she’s more of the well meaning older sister in this verse to Steven and bratty younger sister to this verse’s Lapis.I chose to give Jasper the star hair pin and softer curls because character design issues, sorry, the former animator in me is screaming, ‘roundish= good!’ . I suppose Lapis brushes that mop of their leader’s to keep in shape and bemoan Peridot fixing her room in her abscence as she does so. Also that star hair pin is a token probably either from Rose or Steven a looong time ago, I gave her it to make her have a sentimental look and look more sympathetic . Lapis did not require much change though I did consider letting her remain barefoot buuut for the sake of them jumping into battles , let us assume Lapis keeps them on most of the time.     

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SL-ShadowLeagueGamerHobbyist General Artist
there are parts of Peridot's design here that are very close to her Crystal Gem outfit
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Jactendo Traditional Artist
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Why would peridot still have limb enhancers. 
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danail24Hobbyist General Artist
Dammit! Somebody needs to make a Mom-swap group and upload all sorts of Mom-swap AU fanart. It's hard for me to find pieces related to this amazing concept.
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Hey, Steve, there's no need to feel down
We said, Hey Steve! Pick yourself off the ground
We said, Hey Steve 'Cause you're in a new town
There's no need to be Unhappy
Hey Steve, there's this thing you should know
We said, Hey Steve, when we're done with this show
You can stay here and I'm sure you will find
That we're here to rape and kill you
We're here to kill S-T-E-V-E!
It's fun to kill S-T-E-V-E!
Our intentions are real
And you can't make a deal
This will be your last meal
Hey, Steve, Are you listening to me?
We said, Hey, Steve, Who did you think you'd be?
We said, "Hey, Steve, we can crush all your dreams
Don't think you can escape us.
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The-Creative-SketchyHobbyist Artist
Nice AU, dude!
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Might not be an AU for much longer!
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It will always be an au. 
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I like these designs. Nice job.
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Fat-ButtHobbyist Writer
Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather: Steven Universe Edition.
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GryffBirbHobbyist General Artist
One of these came true even!
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Wait, none of them did. Lapis has pants now. Jasper doesn’t have a star. And peridot lost the limb enhancers. 
GryffBirb's avatar
GryffBirbHobbyist General Artist
Well, I meant as in Lapis and Peridot are now crystal gems.
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FlyboyBeFreeStudent Digital Artist
Ahhh your art is just so wonderful! *squishes cheeks*
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GCBomniverseHobbyist General Artist
Ahhhh this are amazing, I REALLY love your design for Jasper <3, At first it doesn't look like something she would wear, but I feel like Steven would have designed it, and at first she would reject it but then eventually get used to it.
Unhappy Jasper 3 - I'm not wearing that? It looks stupid..
Steven Quartz Universe Emote 2 - But-but, I spent so much time on it!
unimpressed - I don't really have a choice, do I?
Garnet Grin Icon - Hehehe, NOPE.
And then after awhile Jasper gets used to being a Big Buff Cheeto Puff in a onesi, and likes it.
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Mustache-TwirlerHobbyist Digital Artist
My favorite one is Peridot.
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AtlantagirlHobbyist General Artist
This is so perfect! Why isn't this a daily dev? It is so perfect!!!!! :D :) Clap Clap Clap :happybounce: Love :love: Cheerleader Cheerleader Cheerleader Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] Cheer cheer dance Cheer Sephy for NoBuddy-Else Pikachu cheer Neko Emoji-18 (Cheer) [V1] 
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StarletlightStudent Digital Artist
WOW This is fantastic!!Wow! :happybounce: :Bummies: :Bummies: 
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swaggyboss1122Student Digital Artist
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What photoshop do you use, I am in love with this art, I luv it
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I'm in love with this, I'd also love to see more of it :3
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Nice work, I love the costumes😍😊
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