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Retrolicious Journal Lurve of Sparkly awesome by BubbleDriver Retrolicious Journal Lurve of Sparkly awesome by BubbleDriver
Hai y'all. I still have the COUGH FROM HELL and a spitting out yellow/green goop. URGH. But being on meds is kiiinda being on LSD . In a way some of my more interesting works have happened oddly when I am sick. Cuz that is when I tend to seek out 'oldschool' stuff that makes me happy. Anyhowz, this is a homage of sorts to oldschool Deviantart or the interwebz when it was all shiny and cool back in early 2000s? XD and manga and shiny subcultures were all so cool. And Deviantart was the PLACE where artists produced tons of original and fanart that was all neon, copic-marker-ly and shiny. And cel-shaded art was IN. Yes. I am THAT old. Rawr.

I kinda miss it.

A lot.

Have a Neon angel. Feel free to use her in your journals :)

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Can you stay original and true to yourself?
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Absolutely brilliant
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