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Quest Beginnings Page1 by BubbleDriver Quest Beginnings Page1 by BubbleDriver
Sage is a young Aqua-rian , from a war-rampaged and recently KO-ed homeland with his uncle who are the last of a race of people who served as a nation of guards for the land of Arpygie. He miiight be royalty, but his uncle is pretty hush-hush, but we are guessing it is probable as he is engaged to the Crown Princess, Rosemary. As traditional that the princess marry the future hero of the land chosen by the Holder of Wisdom, Archmage Dill.

Unfortunately, young Sage is not amused by Rosemary's reaction to his skin colour (Blue), being younger by two years (He thinks she is an old coot and this marriage is bogus)   and mistaking him as a savage slave (He hopes this is not his wife). He wanders off in his soon-to-be new home and meets her younger sister. The OTHER Princess. Rue.  The rule-quoting when it suits her, teacher's pet when in the class, prankster outdoors , stereotyped to be a nuisance, no-good little sister of Rosmary who despite being an air-headed, boy crazy (when they are her age!) girl is the crown princess and Rue pranks anyone who looks at her funny....And falls for the Wrong princess. 

And thus, starts the beginning of QUEST.

FYI. Can you guys point out the game references? Lookit the costumes. XD I spent two days on this. I officially hate Sage for taking so long to work with me and for changing design TWICE. Rue however was a perfect angel, funny as it seemed. However it took time to decide her skin tone. She and her sister are of the same skin and of ambiguous race apart from ELF....Also yes. He is a silver haired pretty boy.  Shame Rue is obstinately blind to their shared attraction. No one can resist the pretty! NO ONE.
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D3AD-MAD-HATT3R Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
This shall be interesting.
Dacoo12 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2017  Hobbyist
Yes indeed.
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