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QUEST Just a damsel a hero n demon overlord rpg by BubbleDriver QUEST Just a damsel a hero n demon overlord rpg by BubbleDriver
Another OOOOLD idea I had 5 years ago. It's a typical rpg comic SUBVERTED so hard but sop fammiliar. ...I remember it coz I was delusional enough to pitch it to Disney as a student and got my ass KO'ed so hard. Anyhowz, it's all grown up now. Got schmoopier. It got darker. It also got funnier. Anyhowz. Here are lines. Now you guys miiiight be asking. Gee, B. Whycha keep throwing concept art at us? Thing is. I am an artist. A story artist. WHAT I live for is for a concept that gets you guys reaaaaally interested to talk and discuss in the comments and maaaaybe favourite . For instance, I got a great response for Is it Deja Vu. I have a solid bunch of friends whop all happen to be WEEABOOS. LIKE ME.

I only recently started drawing anthro artwork. I so I recently only met other anthro artsists and made freinds.Response is good! But I need to work on getting you guys excited! 

Now to test and see how many game nerds are there who like this . Fave away if you like fantasy rpgs! XD

....Ask away on the characters, I want to see if this will entrice anyone. ;3
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October 3, 2017
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