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Proud to be part of the BOB stamp by BubbleDriver Proud to be part of the BOB stamp by BubbleDriver
A stamp for everyone! ^^ Cuz, I got overwhelming response for one of these for those who want to display it in their journals. You guys already have the sparkley logo , buuut here is a stamp to cement the fact we are growing , slowly but surely, guys!  To all you lovely Band of Bubble aka BOB, thank you for your support, for these past three years of sticking by my ungainly butt , and for supporting and reminding me of the vision to help change this world a little, as ludicrous as it sounds , but it's not just me but ALL of us !
So, what is a BOB?

free Badge for all my friends!
So, as I have mentioned from . But if you don't as a thank you , I will repost a bit for all those who did not see that journal entry! :)
What I stand for.

 To stand for those emotionally abused, I stand for the innocent whose names have been slandered for someone's sick pleasure and greed, I stand for those unable to speak up. I stand up for anyone who is/was subject to emotional,verbal,physical,mental abuse.
I stand for pure love, joy and wonder in artwork and spirit.
I stand to put an end to bullying in all shapes and forms.
I stand to make society a bit more aware of autism .
I stand to eradicate hate in all forms.
I stand for a just,inclusive society, without judgement,hate , prejudice and segregation due to race,gender,sexuality, social status and religion.
I stand

Reaaaad here! 0w0  By supporting :iconbubbledriver: You would support 

  1. Anti-bullying
  2. Autism-awareness
  3. Anti-abuse of all forms
  4. Anti-Manipulation of all forms
  5. Anti-Seregation
  6. Anti-Judgmental behaviour
  7. Nostalgia and an appreciation for the good things in the present
  8. Autosm-Awareness
  9. Colours!
  10. Comics by :iconbubbledriver:
Because by watching you support my themes I am so passionate about, to create a little bit at  a time via my stories and art , to change the world.A bit at a time is better than not getting started at all. ;) (Wink)

Would you care to join me on this journey? To make a more Bubbly society? :3333

So, to all you kind souls who watch me, I have created a badge to thank all of you of the Band of Bubble ! Paste it in your journals! Your comments (If you are a premium member) It is transparent!

Aaaaand all my friends get an exclusive one that other deviants cannot get! This exclusive can only be found in the note I am sending to you all whom watch me . And is not the one I am gonna submit as a deviation. Exclusive content only those who watch me will get! ;) (Wink) 

Those whom do not watch me but like my works, don't worry, you will still get a badge to show your support ! :) (Smile) Everyone is together in this!

Thank you all of you for believing in my cause and me! It means a lot to me to hear I have somehow inspired some of you or you like me, or what I (gosh!) represent! :) (Smile) I will work my hardest to provide content you all will like and support and are passionate about! :) (Smile) You all are awesom
D3AD-MAD-HATT3R Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Great stamp!
O-blue Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Nice stamp. I'm so using this on my I.D. :)
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