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Original Content Matters Challenge 2017-2018 by BubbleDriver Original Content Matters Challenge 2017-2018 by BubbleDriver
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Can you stay original and true to yourself?

Howdy everyone! I created this challenge for myself to remind myself to stay on track with my goals!

 Feel free to join this challenge or ignore it! But my goal for this is to challenge myself to NOT draw art focused on fanart.

 Now, fanart is just as i
mportant as original art. But my point is to challenge myself to STAY FOCUSED.

And to raise awareness that original content is just as powerful and just as good as Fanart!

 The rules are quite simple.

1. Original artwork and comics and content only!

2. You can 'cheat' by drawing your characters saying quotes from movies/ comics/'books OR cosplaying characters from movies/ comics/'books. But these characters MUST be from your original series.

 3.Stay determined and have fun!

If you have any energy or are working on an Autobiographical piece, then maybe you can add or draw said characters in your works and how they changed your life.

Again, I cannot begin to stress, yes, cartoons and comics changed my life. But I choose to show my appreciation for these lifechangers differently by creating my own content in hopes of oneday reaching the same standard as those who inspired me. Everyone has different ways of expression. Please respect that. Now, most artists on Deviantart I have
met are thankfully civillized, kind, upstanding and open-minded BUT I am afraid I have to disable comments as such a challenge will generate. I have no time for dat. Have fun!
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October 17, 2017
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