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Let us be lovers by BubbleDriver Let us be lovers by BubbleDriver
Two kingdoms, both alike in dignity
Both of the same social standing.
In guarded Troy, where we lay our scene,
From evil greed break to new mutiny,
Where poisonous envy make civil hands unclean.
For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Paris and her Patroklos.

The Volume 2 cover for 'The Fox and the Hound.' XD A greek romance based of the Trojan War. I told you guys one of the characters was a genderbend and the main pairing WILL not be Achilles x Briseis or Paris x Helen.

Reasoning for the outfits: This stays faithful to a few facts from the Illiad. Paris is still a shepherdess . (GUYS. Actual Disney princess for SHEEP.)  And to maximize her princess qualities.

The clothing she is wearing, only the cap is faithful.… Her clothing and dress is NOT faithful to era. It is based of Alphonse Mucha. She wears blue as it also symbolizes her royal status (Troy's colours are blue) and also to hint at her sorrow of the war.

Patroklos is a general in the army. The armour colours however are modified to mimic a romantic feeling. The knight in shining armour. And also to hint at his royal blood. He is a prince of Opus , a kingdom that is ruined by war. 

Funfact: Paris is a fox. Patroklos was originally a cat buuuut due to the theme and title, is now a Finnish Lapphund or a doggo. Hector is either a panther or wolf. But whatever it is, he is huge, pissed 24/7 and what one may call a Knight templar when it comes to warding off unworthy suitors for his baby sister.

Plot: Young Princess Alexandria Rhea Isolde Selene (Paris for short) is the champion of the Goddess of Love, Venus who has bestowed her to be the World's Greatest Lover when she grows up. As a child, she meets and befriends a boy called Patroklos during the move to Troy from their original settlement. The pair become best friends and swear an oath to be allies to each other forever.  Venus however warns Paris that oneday her friend will grow into a killer, and blood only follows him for he is the champion of the God of War.Years pass, the war happens. By now the pair have nearly forgotten about their childhood friend , until a chance meeting occurs and the pair find themselves torn apart for their new feelings for each other and the war itself. 

Vol 1: The Best of Friends by BubbleDriver
Vol 3: When the day met the night by BubbleDriver 

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BubbleDriver Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Baby you are so classic by BubbleDriver Thank you! You always leave such nice comments , they always cheer me up and I look forward to them. Your Descrpitions are detailed in my opinion ! :0 I especially love the world building that went into Queen Perplepsis .
Mine are very spoilery as I love sharing what will happen so I think it is a matter of different writing styles in my opinion. XD Yours are more character based, mine are more plot-based. *hug*
Lady-Onora Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
*hug hug* Thank you QuQ that means a lot coming from you >^3^>
I am going to try harder on descriptions now
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