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Be Good by BubbleDriver Be Good by BubbleDriver
|| Heya! It's Bubble here with a handy dandy guide how to read the new and improved 'Be Good'.

Due to me discovering the joys of ink, I will be converting from an digital medium to an ink medium out of tribute partially to a great artistic influence in my life who passed away and who used ink! Also, a lot of my idols happen to use ink too soooo I was wondering when I would make the conversion myself! Anyhow, not much has changed but I will be posting this guide with every panel to keep everyone who reads this comic in the loop!||

Text in the comic btw in case you can't read my nasty handwriting!

Princess : Heya! It's the Princess here! I'm here to give you guys a walkthrough on how...BE GOOD works!

Princess: Anhow, the Artist decided to make a switch from Digital to INK. Something about style change . YA DA YA DA. Who cares? This story is  about me!

1. How it works: Artist posts a panel

2.A vote option will give you the choice to choose a path for the character to take. Majority vote wins, so vote carefully!

3. Voting peroid will end once there is a clear decision. Or when majority wins. Then the next panel will be revealed. Votes OR comments influence the story ! ((Though sometimes, the characters DO have a mind of their own. And will rebel.))

4. After all votes have been counted the strip will be published as a WHOLE compilation of the panels.A single page!

5. THEN it is onto the next page! Then it is onto the next strip. One panel is revealed , voting or commentary  begins again and the cycle continues!

Princess: Okay? Thank you for the support, readers!  Remember to vote for us at Topwebcomics AT… !  As you can vote everyday, would mega appreciate it if you could bookmark the link given… and click the vote button every day! EVERY vote matters for the comic's outreach, so thanks!

Potato-Yi Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2015  Student General Artist
I gotta wait like one more hour for the next vote. It tracks IP and using different 2 devices don't work lol. XD
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