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Band of Bubble badge for all deviants by BubbleDriver Band of Bubble badge for all deviants by BubbleDriver

So, as I have mentioned from Thank You and an invitationSweet Vanilla Butter Pancakes! We have hit 600 watchers!
Another landmark on this community here on the great kingdom of Deviantart! But with 600 watchers comes a time I introduce myself , like all friendships go . After all, you cannot support and trust someone without proper introductions.

Who am I?
My name is BubbleDriver. I prefer to be called Bubble, B.D or Bubbles and on the rare occasion 'Senpai' to someone who Voluntarily calls me that name. I frankly feel uncomfortable being referred to anything higher. I am first and foremost a friend and feel uncomfortable once people relegate me to a being of higher standing as it was what I was subjected to in real life.
Being placed on a pedestal means I am segregated from my friends , that I am somehow 'better' in every other aspect . I hate to break it to you wonderful people but I am a human being like the rest of you :) A very mortal, human of Chinese descent who resides in Si
. But if you don't as a thank you , I will repost a bit for all those who did not see that journal entry! :) (Smile)

What I stand for.

 To stand for those emotionally abused, I stand for the innocent whose names have been slandered for someone's sick pleasure and greed, I stand for those unable to speak up. I stand up for anyone who is/was subject to emotional,verbal,physical,mental abuse.

I stand for pure love, joy and wonder in artwork and spirit.
I stand to put an end to bullying in all shapes and forms.
I stand to make society a bit more aware of autism .
I stand to eradicate hate in all forms.
I stand for a just,inclusive society, without judgement,hate , prejudice and segregation due to race,gender,sexuality, social status and religion.
I stand for Autism-awareness.
I stand for a better happier, more  hopeful and imaginative society.


To eradicate bullying. To spread awareness on Autism. To promote imagination, wonder, love, kindness and peace.

An Invitation.

Congratulations. If you are in favour of this, by watching me by proxy, you are part of the

 Band of Bubble*

expect to see soon a badge showing your support of being part of the Band of Bubble.
Aka. BOB

What would a BOB  member stand for?

By supporting :iconbubbledriver: You would support 

  1. Anti-bullying
  2. Autism-awareness
  3. Anti-abuse of all forms
  4. Anti-Manipulation of all forms
  5. Anti-Seregation
  6. Anti-Judgmental behaviour
  7. Nostalgia and an appreciation for the good things in the present
  8. Autosm-Awareness
  9. Colours!
  10. Comics by :iconbubbledriver:
Because by watching you support my themes I am so passionate about, to create a little bit at  a time via my stories and art , to change the world.A bit at a time is better than not getting started at all. ;) (Wink)

Would you care to join me on this journey? To make a more Bubbly society? :3333

So, to all you kind souls who watch me, I have created a badge to thank all of you of the Band of Bubble ! Paste it in your journals! Your comments (If you are a premium member) It is transparent!

Aaaaand all my friends get an exclusive one that other deviants cannot get! This exclusive can only be found in the note I am sending to you all whom watch me . And is not the one I am gonna submit as a deviation. Exclusive content only those who watch me will get! ;) (Wink) 

Those whom do not watch me but like my works, don't worry, you will still get a badge to show your support ! :) (Smile) Everyone is together in this!

Thank you all of you for believing in my cause and me! It means a lot to me to hear I have somehow inspired some of you or you like me, or what I (gosh!) represent! :) (Smile) I will work my hardest to provide content you all will like and support and are passionate about! :) (Smile) You all are awesome!

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I have autism
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BubbleDriver Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for taking the time to express support ! ^^ if you could be so kind, I have another journal entry Out of This World  and About Me which I think might interest you! Thank you so much for obliging me!That means so much to me. Have a wonderful day and thanks again! 0v0                 
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