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August Hero Challenge : Love by BubbleDriver August Hero Challenge : Love by BubbleDriver
Just a Lass : Lass Mis'boules - newspaper publisher's  life has just gotten a whole lot better. Reunited and falling deeply in love with her childhood crush, the elusive Justin Pleinsite. But life is not just  a bed of roses.Lass Mis'Boules also is a Super Villianess(AKA The Harpy)), who has a ton of issues and one of them happens to be that do-gooder nemesis of hers , Wolf Rayet and keeping said super away from her personal civilian life  .Lass thinks it's meant to be with Juston  but she is about to find out that love takes work  is not just a pretty face nor a walk in the park, and unlike her many inventions is not at all predictable.And most importantly...Acceptance and Trust.

Upcoming comic! Coming soon! :333

For moar infoes,here's a journa compilation on EVERY thing about JAL ! Please support by faving, sharing, tweeting it! ^^ Decisions...Decisions.Yes, everyone! It's that time of the year again that I decide, oh hey, let's wreck my right hand even more by trying to participate again in activities that might potentially kill IT OFF FOR GOOD! :D
But enuff kafuffle. Here is....
Just a Lass? - Lass Mis'Boules is your average egoistical lead reporter who happens to also be a Super Villianess(AKA The Harpy)), who has a ton of issues and two of them happen to be that do-gooder nemesis of hers ,Galaxy Supreme. Aaaand, that cute guy she bumped into after crawling out of the wreckage after one of her clashes with Supreme((Having changed into her ragged civillian wear beforehand naturally)).Lass thinks it's meant to be but she is about to find out that love takes work  is not just a pretty face nor a walk in the park, and unlike her many inventions is not at all predicatable.And most importantly...Acceptance and Trust.
Who is SHE?
Lass Mis'Boules : Born in a rural farmland just on the outskirt of the BIG city to a pair of frumpy and n
The conumdrum of Justin PleinsiteOr rather his SUPER HERO NAME.
I had to delete the last poll! So as to ensure accuracy I have recreated it. Aaaah. All your thoughtful comments and input. I am so sorry but they are now lost! >.<
The new poll can be found at ....
Thank you so much for the speedy replies and voting though! Please comment again and vote ?
Thank you so much for your understanding!
Alright, the other day I was talking about Lass.
Now is her 'cute' love interest, Justin who also unbeknownst to her is ??? , her ARCH NEMESIS and guardian of this fair city's turn!
Who is HE?
Justin Pleinsite : The last survivor of a race of being of the Planetary cosmic belt of Laikus (Like-us) which was destroyed.Well, at least that was the story lonely millionaire Lovin Pleinsite told his adopted son after he asked why he did not have a mother or he looked nothing like his adopted father.
Justin crash landed in a spaceship in the middle of the ri
JAL COSTUME : VOTE IN THE POLLS ABOVE ! PART 1Alright BOBs, JAL is a comic that needs feedback from it's fans to make it work and boy am I amazed at the number of you awesome amazing people responding to this little comic AND OOTW!
For now, here is Lass! Choose the one you think suits her LOUD personality. And boy is she loud both off mask and on mask! ;) Vote according to their number! Comments and encouragement are always welcome! ;333333 Please write below! I have a special reason. And all these landmark moments will be featured in mini features showcasing Loyal BOBs who passionately care about my stories! Which heartens me and makes me wanna boost my performance! ;3 Your opinion means a lot to me! Help me help you guys create a story you will go gaga for with characters we both love and YOU think your friends/family and YOU will love to see in a comic ! ;333333
The moment you guys have been waiting for....Lass's costume unveiling! :3
Note: We want Loud, daring, bold and I am evil. Oh ho ho. Lass as Harpy is (mostly) me

About me_((For all of you who wanna know what I stand for in my comics)) :)--->  Thank You and an invitationSweet Vanilla Butter Pancakes! We have hit 600 watchers!
Another landmark on this community here on the great kingdom of Deviantart! But with 600 watchers comes a time I introduce myself , like all friendships go . After all, you cannot support and trust someone without proper introductions.

Who am I?
My name is BubbleDriver. I prefer to be called Bubble, B.D or Bubbles and on the rare occasion 'Senpai' to someone who Voluntarily calls me that name. I frankly feel uncomfortable being referred to anything higher. I am first and foremost a friend and feel uncomfortable once people relegate me to a being of higher standing as it was what I was subjected to in real life.
Being placed on a pedestal means I am segregated from my friends , that I am somehow 'better' in every other aspect . I hate to break it to you wonderful people but I am a human being like the rest of you :) A very mortal, human of Chinese descent who resides in Si
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