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AntiVillian Dark Galaxy by BubbleDriver AntiVillian Dark Galaxy by BubbleDriver
I probably will create a better reference later. Urghhhhh. I just needed to flesh out his colours and 'feel'. But here is Dark before his powerswap. Moody grumpy lil bugger when not around Luts, eh? XD

Fun fact: He used to be called Wolf Rayet and was a lot plumper. But inside he is still the same. Cold and aloof to the outside, sweet and gawky around his lady. I quite like and pity him. Poor bugger.

// My name is Dark Galaxy. The city's protector, guardian of the Cosmic Star, superhero.

Protector of justice and law-


Name: Dark Galaxy (Civillian name: Gold Gables)

Nicknames: Dark. (By coworker, Edgelord) Dweeb Jerklaxy (Luts). MR-HAI-I-WANT-YOUR-BABIES (Bubie Bird) 

Race: Alpha-1 Dog , Royalty.

Parents: (Real) overlord king of Alpha-1 . NO foster parents or ANY parental influences (D:)

Age: 21

Place of Birth:  Ahaha, Planet Alpha-1. But due to brainwashing , he thinks he was a science experiment.

Place of Residence: Neobeast city

General bio:

Think every tragic backstory -> Okay. Where do I start? This poor boy, no wonder he is messed up.

1. Born to a race of genocidal aliens as the crown prince, with the help of his best friend they escape to earth and are seperated. D.G ends up in a science lab where he is brainwashed into hating villians as part of the Neo beast campaign, he spends years tortured and (hinted) sexually assaulted until he supposedly breaks out of the hell-hole at age 15 (It was staged. The lab was in cahoots with the mayor, who ordered this experiment)).

2. He makes his way to Neo-beast city where he is offered instantly an ideocation at Weiner's boarding house. A place where adolecent heroes are groomed under cover as a prestigious boarding house.

3.   3 years later, D.G is part of a student exchange program.  He goes to an ordinary school and promptly falls for the Captain of the Chess community, a genius called Luts who naturally loathes him with every fibre of her being and spends time dodging the amorous attractions of her older sister, Bubie.

4. Halloween dance and graduation. D.G faces off a final test , in which the head scientist who tortured him kidnaps Bubie bird. With Lut's help, they and a rebel, Mark Prowers detroy the ceremony.

5.D.G instantly is welcomed back to the institute as a full fledged hero. He is posted elsewhere, where he promptly takes out 100 villians in 3 years of respective cities.

6. Luts also rises to power in those years. They reunite at the Halloween dance where D.G promptly falls in love with her again.

7. This time , Luts might have fallen for him, but is actually too dumb and proud to admit being touched by his earnestness and being seen as beautiful. She kisses him as thanks but tells him they cannot be together even though she does not hate him , would be going against her values if she allowed herself to fall for him.

8. 3 years later, present timeline happens. So far, Luts actively finds him a hindrance, Dark Galaxy still has not given up.

Dark Galaxy
has only one true friend, the chauvanistic Edgelord. Has a long line of exes both from the superhero community and supervillian community but he did not care for any of them romantically or even in any significant form. Unlike Luts who has 20 ex husbands, he has never been married but has been sexually active in contrast to her who has never consumnated her marriages which were for convenience.

Dark might seem like a party animal but in actuality, he is a loner, resenting the fact he cannot stay alone and sulk in his misery over what life has done him wrong and angst. But noooooo, he has got to do PR.

Dark Galaxy finds Bubie Bird irritating at best and at worst, a pervert he must tolerate because she is the Deputy Mayor.

Dark Galaxy however is hopelessly in love with Luts Lutra since college and has gone to ridiculaous lengths to try and woo her quite singlemindedly.

Power is manifested in a star that floats near him and he can use devastating space-related attacks. Superhero level is ALPHA. The highest level due to combat and control over his gift.

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Lady-Onora Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
I love your art always and this is super cool

but honestly he seems stiff in the image, and I stared and stared and's his right arm its the only part without any movement especially line movement, there's curve muscle but that's it; the res of his body looks like its shifting to throw the star but the right arm is all like "ATTENTION CAPTIAN ON DEK"

dont hate me i love ur work it s amazing  n this is amazig it just it stood out off a little to me sorry 
BubbleDriver Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know! Urgh . I'm not too keen on this one. But I was too lazy to redraw it. *cries* ...I don't like his head . It's  expression and size. But we all have that one unfortunate art we like but also dislike. :p
D3AD-MAD-HATT3R Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Great design
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