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Caro-Sal -  Cuphead OC by BubbleDriver Caro-Sal - Cuphead OC :iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver 18 1 LOC : Bonus level ACHEIVED by BubbleDriver LOC : Bonus level ACHEIVED :iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver 6 2 Obtained : 1 Pyramid of AWESOME by BubbleDriver Obtained : 1 Pyramid of AWESOME :iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver 13 6 Lament of cuteness by BubbleDriver Lament of cuteness :iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver 19 7 Id Pg 10 by BubbleDriver Id Pg 10 :iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver 10 4 ID Meet Ragnelle by BubbleDriver ID Meet Ragnelle :iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver 12 3 ID Arta by BubbleDriver ID Arta :iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver 41 2 Aggretsona Shaberu by BubbleDriver Aggretsona Shaberu :iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver 27 5 Arta Room by BubbleDriver Arta Room :iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver 23 7 Dreamin in Bubble by BubbleDriver Dreamin in Bubble :iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver 28 4 Galactica lovechild by BubbleDriver Galactica lovechild :iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver 28 7 ID- Naughty or Nice? by BubbleDriver ID- Naughty or Nice? :iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver 15 6 A glass of Bubbly by BubbleDriver A glass of Bubbly :iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver 33 13 Bubbledriver by BubbleDriver Bubbledriver :iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver 20 3 Nightmarefuel by BubbleDriver Nightmarefuel :iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver 20 3 Artaaaaa by BubbleDriver Artaaaaa :iconbubbledriver:BubbleDriver 27 5


Bubbledriver by BubbleDriver blue n pink by bulletblend Bubbledriver by BubbleDriver

Hiya! Thank you for checking my page out and have a wonderful day! <3


(👻Be Kind always 🐰)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Bubbledriver | AGELESS | Comic Artist

Bubble is a cat who can turn into a magical 'girl' with the aid of a magical pen. She graduated from the university of Kawaii Desu with a Degree in.... Magical Tax. ((Tragic backstory. She does not pursue a career in Magical tax for said reasons that make this a tragic backstory!)) She currently is doing her best to draw comics which she loves!

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| Bubbledriver | Kisskissfallinlooove | CAT

Comics,love,fun,story and non-conformity! ;3

Have your cake and eat it too  Retrolicious Journal Lurve of Sparkly awesome by BubbleDriver

The only thing nice about today , that got me through it was my family. Both blood, both here and in my new job. It's been tough. I wanted to cry today with what went on . I'll probably post a longer post but I wanna say this. Thank you everyone for remembering my birthday! Even though I really did wish innumerable times for this day to be over. 

I got through.

Thanks to you guys.


Have your cake and eat it too Token Offering 1 -Shattered Childhood by BubbleDriver Artwork wonderful people have done of me Token Offering 1 -Shattered Childhood by BubbleDriver

Bubble Driver Fanart by Cheesecake2002

Sketch for @BubbleDriver by MommaJade

Win 20150913 133422 by nokiana

For BubbleDriver by Yurafo

BubbleDriver by LawfulStudios9646

BubbleDriver by justarandomshyguy

Keep Bubbeling Along by Yurafo

Blue Geode by Gem-Jewelz

For BubbleDriver by maplepandax3

Ning and Heishan Yao (+ Tortise) by bulgariansumo

EB: Vanilla by PuppyLuver

It means a lot to me. So much and touches me that you guys care so much <3 Love you guys!


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Caro-Sal - Cuphead OC
Caro-Sal -aka Sal

Uses they-them pronouns . Non-binary

Poppa’s little poppet
The heir.
Killer Bunny.

  • Sal was born between an accidental experiment between the Devil and Von Bon of mixing their magic in a bid to create sweets that could curse the eater . An unwanted child . Sal was discovered left in the doorstep of the casino much to the horror of the Devil who had forgotten all about the accident and was about to kick Sal out back to their mom until he remembered that hoo-boy, maybe in the future it would be good to have a heir.  As it turns out , Sal shows real promise with tinkering and science . While they are the future heir of the Casino , the Devil is far too busy sleazing around, luckily (or unluckily) for Sal, Dice took a shining to the kid , and practically raised them , leading to a spoiled brat.

Personality- There might be a loving heart back there underneath all the mischievous and self centered nature . Sal loves the stage and is used to being treated like royalty . They are loyal to the Casino and are focused on developing experiments to gain Daddy’s attention and being showered with affection by their Poppa. (( However said Idolization has taken a back seat since the Devil called Dice a good for nothing lackey , incurring Sal’s wrath . Just like no one messes with them , no one messes with their Poppa.)) Would be an actual threat if only they weren't so spoiled.

Outwardly very loud , scrappy , boastful and as mentioned, spoiled. They throw on theatrics , waterworks to get their way . Naive about any life outside the Casino . Clever . Devious. Very sweet to their Poppa. Insecure and wants to prove them self to their Daddy as a rightful heir . If you win their respect, you got a friend for life .

Fights using animatronics , and electric and stage craft .

Probably you have to defeat the Casino level 6 times, the King Dice stage 6 and Devil run 6 times to trigger their round which is incurred by Revenge. ((666. Geddit? Har de har.)) Sal's design has been tinkered with a bit, so don;t be surprised if the next artwork shows a different look.

Obtained : 1 Pyramid of AWESOME
Lament of cuteness centers around a hero who tries to cover up his hidden desire to be a girl by being a macho idiot. He pisses off a fairy by hitting on her and ironically gets his wish granted. But unfortunately while initially overjoyed he can now be himself,  Treye Summers now has to deal with a being a hero in a very male dominated profession and in a VERY sexist world ..... Hoo boy. Er, girl.

Hey guys! Let's play a game and see how savvy you guys are! Tell me what famous mainstream video game characters you think the characters on this page are based of and I'll let ya know how close you are ! Mario Super Mario Odyssey - Mario Icon  ;3 Let us see how close and how nerdy you are with VIDEO GAMES! Mario Giving Flower 

Id Pg 10
Arta is baaaack! 

...For coffee. 
25 year old loser, Arta Pendragon has been fired from her deadend job and kicked out by her deadbeat (now ex-)boyfriend. On top of that, she suffers from mysterious terrifying dreams that has led to her drinking coffee in a bid to stay up which results in a vicious cycle of getting fired due to her exhaustion . The last thing she was thinking of was getting a crush on a stranger. But when mysterious Mordred Kingsley waltzes into her life, the coffee oddly stops working its magic for WONDERFUL sleepless nights. Arta has now to find a way to deal with nightmares, get a new job. When she gets a new job , little does she know that is the first step of starting a destiny long forestalled by malevolent forces.

F2U Peachy RoseWhat is the comic about? | Who is Arta? |Who is Merlin?| Who is Mordred?

[f2u] rpg miku icon  Comic Pages  Cover Page | Poem |Prequel Page 1Prequel Page 2 Pg 1|Pg 2 |Pg 3 |       


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