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Yay! I'm gonna be jetting off to Scotland in 4 weeks time to spend 8 and a half weeks developing a game with my team of people as part of Dare to be Digital! Exciting stuff! We stand a chance of winning the overall competition!

In other news, I've just gotten back from Zaragoza in Spain where I played in my first international jugger tournament. Exciting stuff! Now I'm getting some artwork together to hopefully sell at the upcoming Berlin tournament later on this year!

In other other news! I'm now in a mad rush to get as much artwork done as I possibly can! I've just applied for Artist's Alley for Eirtakon in November so fingers crossed i get in! Would love to sell some more stuff to the happy shiny otakus of Ireland.
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Hey guys,

I'm working on my Masters Degree Major Project. It's a 2D sidescrolling game about a priest named Fr. O'Brien, who dies and wakes up in a place called Observatory instead of heaven. The game is based in the Vatican where you play as FOB and solve puzzles by possessing Swiz Guards and priests to progress through the floors to finally possess the Pope before his address to the public on Easter Sunday. Your goal is to expose all the really weird, but ultimately funny stuff you learn about the Catholic Church to the public at the end of the game!

Sound like something you'd be interested in?

Check us out here!:::::… :::::


Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 12:29 AM
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Gallery :pokeball:Add me :pokeball: Art Stats :pokeball: Note me :pokeball: commission :pokeball: FAQS

Hey guys!

I'm working on my Masters Degree Major Project. It's a 2D sidescrolling game about a priest named Fr. O'Brien, who dies and wakes up in a place called Observatory instead of heaven. The game is based in the Vatican where you play as FOB and solve puzzles by possessing Swiz Guards and priests to progress through the floors to finally possess the Pope before his address to the public on Easter Sunday. Your goal is to expose all the really weird, but ultimately funny, stuff you learn about the Catholic Church to the public at the end of the game!

Sound like something you'd be interested in?

Check us out here!:::::… :::::


skin by WikiME
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Wow, it's been a while since I last plugged something here. Need to remedy that!

I have it!

I set up a Facebook page!…
Like it, stalk it, roll around in it...just wipe your feet first.

-Ann Marie
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Oh Hai! Just thought I'd let my watchers know that I finally have my own patch of cyber space here:
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Hey guys!

Could you do me a huge favour and view my latest deviation? Right here:

If you like what you see, click the "I'd wear this button" for the Cute Monster competition! I'd really like to see if I qualify for the shortlist!

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Have been nursing the mother of all hangovers for the last 3 days so shoot me if I'm a bit late off the mark here.

New Years Resolution is....oh yeah, I'm going there:

Be a better girl

Honestly, that's it. I was never very good at being a girl, even now at 22, so maybe if I tried pinning it to something as trivial as NY, it might just work.

So, what does that entail?
Well my interpretation of it is trying a bit harder in the wardrobe department. I don't go out of my way to go shopping for clothes or make-up, so I'm gonna work on that. Having lost over a stone and a half over the last 4 months from living in Dublin, I could probably do with jeans that aren't held onto me with a belt that is on it's way out, or shirts that don't need safety pins to stay closed around my chest.

I will have to keep track of my progress via drawings. It's the only way I'll know I'm sticking to this.

Christ, it's bringing on a panic attack just thinking about facing into them sales when I go back.
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I'm home for Christmas. Yay.

The last 4 months have been the best and worst of my life, and I wouldn't change a thing. Well, maybe Youtube and it's bollox layout.....yeah, I'd change that.

Currently at home in Sligo with the family. No-one's managed to kill eachother yet, but it's only a matter of time until someone suggests Monopoly and tables will get flipped......I'm exaggerating....but seriously, that game brings out the worst in people.

Speaking of games, I'm playing Wow. It's everything I was afraid it would be. Addictive. When I decided to do a Masters I never thought I'd have to play games and make machinima as assignments. I just know there are guys reading this that would kill to trade places with me, but alas, this is my plight.

I've confirmed with one of the lads in my course that I'll be one of the artists on his team for our Major Game Project. Not going to reveal it yet, have to draw up some concepts and work on the overall storyline, but I can say it involves demons and the pope. I won't have to touch a single bit of code, he's handling that.  All I've got to do is make it look good.

Finally, speaking of looking good. I'm working on a piece for one of my brother's friends. I'm not very familiar with LOL characters yet, but it's Leona of the Radient Dawn sunbathing in a bikini. The WIP got a good reaction so I'm gonna finish it and get it printed to sell at Akumakon.......mmmmmm...Money.

Expect SnI fan art over the next few days. They just released season 2's finale so I'm gonna get the high I'm on out of my system that way.
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Really getting to grips with this Masters I'm doing atm.

I'm designing a board-game with 4 other people called the Witch's Labyrinth. I've never done anything like this before, but it's really fun! Ludology is mad craic! Never thought I'd get on the whole gaming genre. If you wanna check out our Tumblr blog about our game go here:

Assignments are starting to build up though. Have to get a logo sorted for Design Practice class. The other half of that project will incorporate Authoring Principles....should be good!

Got my free edition of Adobe CSS5 during the week. For a Mac. I know I don't have one yet but when I do I'll be installing it on that. Anyone who knows me knows I've been on a Windows laptop for the last 5 years. I felt a desktop Mac would be worth the investment since that's what I've always used throughout my degree and now my masters course in the colleges. Aaaand I'm a designer, so screensize is what I really need now. Time to get serious!

I announced Akumakon 2012's artist's for Artist's Alley! Congratulations to all those who qualified! Really looking forward to what you have to offer the public in January!

'Nuff said.
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Oh nooooO!!!!!

My house! It's gone! Probably under 4 feet of water at this stage! I couldn't see it!


THankfully I have Boyu Li, my new best friend from my masters who is putting me up for the night!

Fingers crossed I can at least get my phone charger tomorrow!!!

OH GOD! I have an exam in Authoring Principles tomorrow!!! FUCK STUDY! I AM HOMELESS!!!!
I've joined Tumblr if anyone's interested in following me. I've explained what it's going to be for there.

My Tumblr Account
I just discovered what gleeking is.

NO YOU FAGGOTS! This has nothing to do with Glee! Don't even go there!

Gleeking is 'the projection of saliva from the submandibular gland upon compression by the tongue'. (Thank you wiki)
Now I have something in common with that dinosaur from Jurassic Park that killed that fat guy!

Dino-powers FTW! :iconspitplz:
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I ended up going to Nom Con and paid for a ticket, only to discover there was a freebie floating around.....:iconfuuuplz:

On a brighter note, it was great craic. Loads of people showed up, met up with all the veterans, and got very, very drunk.

Note to self: Get twisted in future and:
Point out the obvious (that there's a girl in the room sucking a cock shaped lollipop).
Fail to notice the obvious (the girl at my table with only one arm).
Tell people I think they look fantastic (the girl cosplaying Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty).
Hide under tables, skirts, people, stages, bags.
Cover myself with glowsticks and gatecrash a formal prom event in jeans.
Sit on people.
Forget how to use doors.
Willingly give hugs.

Yup, that pretty much covers my antics from the weekend. The little brother had a similar time.
Handed out loads of flyers for Akumakon and chatted with any people we deemed cool enough.

Oh yeah. Viewed houses too. Will hopefully get that all sorted before the week is out so I have a place to live in September.
Oh joy.
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I swear, Nom Con is a fucking creeper! It was on me before I even had time to defend myself from it's exploding anime powers!

Where has my time gone? I swear I had some. I know I didn't spend it!

*le sigh*

Oh yeah....Hi.
Right, well I have no idea now if I'm actually going to be able to make it to Nom Con or not. The little brother is just as aloof about the whole situation.....We know we should go...but, I don't know! Meh. I'm teaching myself about 3D sculpting and web design, so I've better things really to be doing then wandering aimlessly around a convention.

Oh, check these guys out:…
If you have any knowledge of gaming this could be right up your alley. The lads that do the voiceovers are called Dexter and Lyle, and there's a girl in there too named Meg who voices Nina. Pretty hilarious if you find that kind of thing funny, then again my sense of humour is pretty fucked up about certain things...but that's just me. Expect some fan art.

Must craic on! Reference sheets for Akumakon's mascot will be posted soon for the upcoming competitions. Also have to get my ass in gear in making the bloody animation too. It'll be up on Youtube when it's done, so it will be up to you guys to make it go viral.

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Fancy reading a meandering river of complete and utter nonsense? Read on then!

So yeah, it's been like two weeks now since I attended Arcadecon and am only writing a review now. I know, shame on me. So now that I actually have a spare minute I'd like to announce to my hoard of watchers that it was indeed a fantastic event! Sold lots of my little hats, met some really cracking people, and got to see my Akumakon flyers get handed out to anybody who didn't have something to hold. T'was a fab day. Will be attending the next one for sure.

Cupcakes. My sister. I swear she is going to put me in an early grave. She bakes the most awesome cupcakes/buns in the whole world. Light as air, fluffy, melt in your mouth....killers! I must stop eating them. I've got dresses in the wardrobe that are very unforgiving towards cellulite!

Noriko Cosplay. Some of you may already be aware that I am the new Art Director for Akumakon 2012. As an added duty I was asked to dress as our mascot for the convention. I accepted the challenge! Besides, it's a chance to wear wings! BAT WINGS! Who would pass that opportunity up? Yes it does involve making everything for it: horns, tail, boots, shoulder spikes, and wings, but it will be worth it! (I'll post some photos/tutorials on how I'm constructing the cosplay soon!)

Not many...if any anime conventions held in Ireland actually have their mascot present in the flesh at their event. Strange that, maybe America does, but we never got in on it. So Akumakon will be the first! Noriko will be present at Akumakon 2012! Creative Digital Media. I'm going for it in Dublin this September. Kinda stressing the whole accommodation thing atm, but I've got a lad from my degree course doing it with me so we're going to try get a place together so we'll survive!

Commissions...Yup. I'm pretty sure I'll be attending Nom Con this year as an attendee, not as a trader. I've been getting messages here on DA about hats people would buy off me.
So far I have to hand over a pre-paid Harley Quinn hat to :iconnaomibomb:
A Finn hat from Adventure Time is being constructed for :iconzenchu18: who will pay me at the convention.

If anybody is going to Nom Con in August and wants to commission me, message me here and I'll get back to you if it's doable.

Well, that's all for now. Slán.
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Hello fuckers who read this crap.

I'm off to Arcadecon in Dublin tomorrow. It's gonna be sweeet!
And yes, you read that right. I am indeed bringing a crop with me.

DOMINATRIX FTW! (that sounded a whole lot better in my head)

Okay, get your minds out of the gutter, it's not for that kind of purpose. I'm bringing it to beat off any 'snatch and grab' fuckers who try to steal my shit....Again.
It happened at Akumakon, so this time I'm not taking any chances. I'll have order! I'll have structure! I'LL HAVE JUSTICE!

Seriously though, don't all crowd my table and confuse the fuck out of me asking prices, trying my stuff, etc ALL AT ONCE... It's not on and I will beat your ass with said crop if you do. I'll be tired as fuck tomorrow so just don't do any annoying shit at my table or near me.

So with that out of the way, I'll end this with something fluffy and borderline furry:
I love my dog.

There, happy?
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I did a very stupid thing yesterday.

It was my little sisters 18th b-day partaay so she had people over. I was slumming it in the sitting room watching the Lion King on video...yes, we haven't invested in the DVD version of it yet....anyways, with the little sister to my right and one of her people to my left watching the film, I was sewing horns onto a spyro hat.
The opening scenes of the Lion King were playing, so I put down my needle and thread to sing along at the top of my lungs.

Now, at the end of "The Circle of Life" opening song, it ends with a kind of low bass drum. At that very note I slammed my right hand down onto the arm rest of the couch I was sitting on to emphasise the note.....that's when it happened.

I decided to resume sewing the horns onto the hat I was making, but couldn't.
My little sister's friend was having a fit beside me. A look of sheer terror on her face.
I looked down at my hand only to find that the sewing needle I had been working with had gone straight through my index finger at the middle phalanges.

You'd think I would freak out at that point, but all I could say was:

"Strange, that should hurt right?"

At this point, my sister's friend had completely flipped out and was skuttling around on the couch beside me pointing at the sewing needle still in my finger. The little sister on the other hand simply responded the way most people would at such an epic fail on my part with the abreviation of our generation:


I decided that the needle had made it's point (pun intended), and yanked it out from my finger expecting a fountain of blood to errupt like in a cartoon. It didn't happen.
Again, I thought it would hurt like a motherfucker, but no.

Finger still works. It points, bends gangreen and no infection. If it weren't such an epic fail, I'd say I had a supergirl moment!

So note to self, when sewing anything in future, don't get caught up in the awesomeness of the Lion King in the process.
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Geoff, the engineer of the design department here in AIT, and all round awesome bloke in general, has just uploaded my little site to the net!

I made it with Flash CS5 and am kinda proud of it! Will definitely be making a better looking version soon, but this is nice a start for my own website.
Will be teaching myself HTML so I can make more awesome looking stuff in the near future.

Just had to get that off my chest!
Thanks again Geoff!

Here's where it's at!
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Hey guys!

The next big anime/gaming convention in Ireland is the Arcade Con! It's coming up on the 1st to the 3rd of July. And will be held in the D4 hotels!
Here's a link to the website so you can find out more!

Most of you know I'm in my final year of college at the moment, so hat commissions won't be opening any time soon.

That said, I am open to hat suggestions for this up coming convention.

Scheduled hats for The-Arcade convention:
Strawberry hats.
Mudkip hats.
Shark hats.
Okami hats.
Celty hats.
L hats.
Kon hats.
Stupid Fox hats.
Lucy hats.
Soul Eater hats.
Hello Kitty hats.

I sold all, ALL, these hats at Akumakon, so I might as well try another batch at The Arcade.

Upcoming new hats:
Black Rock Shooter hats.
Kenpachi hats.
Winged hats.
Spyro the Dragon hats.
Darth Maul hats.

Just got back from Akumakon in Galway a few hours ago. I'm bloody well wrecked!On the up side...

Akumakon was absolutley brilliant!
My first time ever on an Artist's Alley and I sold everything! EVERYTHING! All the hats got sold and so did the posters! I actually made profit! Can't wait till next year to do it all again!

More good news! One of the heads of the convention wants me to draw the mascot, Akaya, for next years Akumakon. It will be printed on banners, on the front of the con book...etc! How awesome is that?!

It was really nice of people to ask me about commissions, but unfortunatley, I am up to my eyeballs  with work for my final year in college. Stay tuned to my DA account should I ever open the flood gates on allowing commissions in the future!

Thanks again to everyone who stopped to chat at my stand. I hope you had a great time at Akumakon, I know I did!

I might see some of you again at Arcade-con in July! or Nom Con in August!