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Gallery Folders

The whole Bobble Crew Sprites by ICam2k
Bubble Bobble! by NamcoPlayer
Puzzle Bobble by Asazei
Bubble Dragons Bub and Bob by Paleona
Bubble Bobble
Bubble Bobble! by j1mble5
Bubble Bobble redraw by NamcoPlayer
Bub by Pypixy
Bub and Bob by Apple-BRM
Puzzle Bobble
Mog Bustin' a Move by cheesycoke
Bust A Move - Woolen by Rolochan
Bust A Move - Garaniyo by Rolochan
Bust A Move - Chun-Chun by Rolochan
Rainbow Islands + Parasol Stars
Bubby 'n' Bobby by ICam2k
Bub and Zen by ICam2k
Hill Nap by ICam2k
Bob's your... by ICam2k
Return from the Cave of Monsters by ICam2k
Cooperation by ICam2k
Super Dark Great Dragon Boyfriend by Carbonilhil
Bust A Move- Monsta by Rolochan
Yeet by Kendulun-the-Kihoryu
Mighta arm by dpsldpsl-cr
A Day To Remember (Part 3) by Cave-of-Monsters
A Day To Remember (Part 4) by Cave-of-Monsters

Mature Content

Fan Characters and Personas
Updated Bubble Dragons by XIIIthEnigma
Bubble Bob-...what? by DialkaDR
[Inktober #12] Bubble Bubble by xXSSB-SmashXx
A Small Alphys by Drawloverlala
What a strange-looking bubble...! by MalamiteLtd
Taiko Drum Bobble by Daimyo-KoiKoi
Get equipped by ICam2k
Cover Art
330 RCC clean cover by foolx
Bust-A-Move 4 Replacement sticker-- by CougarLeon2
Bubble Bobble (Gameboy) Replacement insert-- by CougarLeon2
Bust-A-Move 2 cover insert (Japanese)-- by CougarLeon2

Mature Content

My god... by Kendulun-the-Kihoryu
Minecraft art
Bob (Puzzle Bobble arcade+SNES) redone, Minecraft by superslinger2007
Bubble Bobble Mimiplushies by PeziCreation
Perler Bead Sprite art
Bubble Bobble Perler Beads by djzmudpony
(Bust-A-Move 3) Priccio Stamp by mochi-buni
[EX] Super Smash Bros. Delta - Bub by Dimpsuu

Random from Featured

Bub (Bust-A-Move) by PrettyAlice95 Bub (Bust-A-Move) :iconprettyalice95:PrettyAlice95 4 0 Puzzle Bobble Wii logo by RingoStarr39 Puzzle Bobble Wii logo :iconringostarr39:RingoStarr39 6 0 Bubble Memories logo by RingoStarr39 Bubble Memories logo :iconringostarr39:RingoStarr39 7 0 Bubble Bobble by egilpaulsen Bubble Bobble :iconegilpaulsen:egilpaulsen 33 8 Bubble Symphony logo by RingoStarr39 Bubble Symphony logo :iconringostarr39:RingoStarr39 10 1 Develon by SetariPlush Develon :iconsetariplush:SetariPlush 27 24 Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 logo by RingoStarr39 Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 logo :iconringostarr39:RingoStarr39 5 1 Bubblun by CrispyKarasz Bubblun :iconcrispykarasz:CrispyKarasz 13 3 Bub by Cryptic-Alchemist Bub :iconcryptic-alchemist:Cryptic-Alchemist 55 21 Banebou Bubble Bobble by Sylya Banebou Bubble Bobble :iconsylya:Sylya 4 2 Bubble Dragon by Sylya Bubble Dragon :iconsylya:Sylya 15 9 Puzzle Bubble by KeeperOfPork Puzzle Bubble :iconkeeperofpork:KeeperOfPork 15 80 One Hundred Levels by Patrona One Hundred Levels :iconpatrona:Patrona 20 4

Latest Favourite Artists

Well, well, well. It's been so long since we've had a new, accessible Bubble Bobble game!

Who else is excited for this? :O
Also, just look at the gang - they're cuter than ever!

Yes, that's right, there's an Amino app for BB!

Hey guys, it's been a while since anything got posted here, and I realise I hadn't done this in the past, but there's a Bubble Bobble Amino!
It's quite barren at the moment but with you guys' help it can be a lot more lively, there's already a small community on there but we can only help it grow more, right?

(not gonna lie, i don't really know how to go about linking it so i'll go ahead and direct you to the info page~)
Please, feel free to join! ^^…

(Now, if you'll excuse me, i'm gonna be late for uni haha)


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:iconbubble-bobble-club: Bubble-Bobble-Club Bubbles? We've got them!

Group Info

This group is THE perfect place for fans of Bubble Bobble, Puzzle Bobble, and everything else in between!
This group caters to the popular games & characters, to even the obscure parts of the series.

Thanks for stopping by!
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Jul 1, 2012


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Fan Club

64 Members
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Hello, come on in!

Hello, everybody, and welcome to Bubble-Bobble-4-Life!

This is a group for old AND new fans of the Bubble Bobble series, and its many spin-offs!
It's a lesser-known fandom, but our love for the games & characters will keep it alive!
We hope you enjoy the group and the myriad of art everybody here has made for the series.
Thanks for visiting!

The Rules.

:bulletblack: Please be respectful. Bullying will not be tolerated.
:bulletblack: Please do not spam.
:bulletblack: Please ask before joining as an admin.
:bulletblack: Note: Joining as a standard member doesn’t require permission, however.
:bulletblack: This group is for fan art of the Bubble Bobble series & spin-offs ONLY. Any unrelated art will be removed – unless it’s a crossover piece.
:bulletblack: We have a “3 strikes & you’re out” policy. If anyone breaks these rules, they will have a strike to their name. If someone gets 3 strikes, they will be kicked. Depending on the severity of their actions, they will be blocked.

Gallery guide.

Please bear in mind, when submitting any art, please submit it to the correct galleries. Thank you!
Bubble Bobble: This gallery is for fan art for the main series, and characters specifically from the main series.
Puzzle Bobble: This gallery is for fan art specifically for the Puzzle Bobble games, and its characters.
Stamps: This gallery is self-explanatory – this is for fan stamps pertaining to the Bubble Bobble series, the spin-offs, and everything involved with them.
Fan Characters & Personas: This gallery is for Fan Characters people have made for the series. This gallery even caters to personas.
Comics: This gallery is for fan comics.
Fanfics: This gallery is for Fan Fiction.
Crossovers: This gallery is for Crossover art. This can be for crossovers with other games, shows, or even Fan Characters/Personas.
Cover Art: This gallery is for Cover art – usually remastered by fans!
Minecraft Art: This gallery is for pixel art made in Minecraft. This is more of a miscellaneous gallery.
Memes: This gallery is meant mostly for Art Memes, but actual memes are welcome in here too!
Needlework: This gallery is for knitted or sown art. This is for plushies or embroidery art.
Perler Bead Sprite Art: Another misc. gallery for Perler Bead art.
Rainbow Islands & Parasol Stars: This gallery is for fan art of both Rainbow Islands & Parasol Stars.
Misc.: This gallery is for pieces that, to be quite frank, we don’t really know which gallery to place them in. This gallery is mostly good for W.I.Ps & doodles.
Enemies: This gallery is for fan art of the enemies. Even the baddies need some attention!

A quick note.

If anybody gets multiple correspondence messages regarding their art, especially when they wouldn’t like their art in the group, we sincerely apologise. The admin is quite forgetful when it comes to submitting pieces into the group. Please send us a message if this happens so that we know to avoid making the same mistake. Thank you.


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