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:aww: Revamp

Requested by *sara-satellite

A quick revamp of the popular emote :aww: by ~fraxyl :D
I did different eyes and mouth, and a different color of course. :giggle: Yay for no more black borders? X3

Anyways. This is kinda my new shading style for emotes, instead of using a gradient. ^^ It doesn't look quite as good here, but you'll see in a support stamp commission I'm almost finished with. :meow:

Anyhow, hope yall like it! :D Feel free to use this in chat, journals, whatever, as long as you don't reupload, steal, etc. c8

Thanks, Liz
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SnowSniffer's avatar
Very cute and I like that shading. :giggle:
bubbIies's avatar
Thanks Snowy! :D
SnowSniffer's avatar
You're welcome. :D
setomeym's avatar
I like the shading :dummy:
bubbIies's avatar
Oh my goodness, thank you so much! :D It means so much from you, cause I love your shading style. :huggle:
sara-satellite's avatar
Perfect green! :aww: I have it in my point box for now until I can start using it elsewhere! :squee:
bubbIies's avatar
Yay! :D Awesome, have fun! :3
litecrush's avatar
Cute. c:
Pretty good shading. :la:
bubbIies's avatar
Thanks so much, it means a lot from you! :huggle:
litecrush's avatar
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