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So yeah my mom is out of the hospital and well, I should be back to uploading by friday, or saturday for those who give a shit. One thing though, I haven't been doing well mentally and it's been making it difficult to draw for me..But this is a small company that needs more work, so please look at my store or my art, spread my work because it helps me greatly. I am working on a lot right now including a youtube account for speedpaints so please be patient with me. Commissions are open starting saturday. If you know anything that might help me (mentally or for my companies benefit like recording software, cheap button makers, etc.) please note me or comment on this journal. About the mental thing you don't have to worry too much, I realize that self harm is not the answer and will not use that as an outlet, but at the moment...I don't have an outlet so ideas would be nice because this anxiety disorder has fucked me up for the past 3 months, and I literally don't trust anyone right now because of it and I know that's not right of me. So please If you can be patient with me and maybe help me out it would be deeply appreciated from me and the rest of this small as company known as Pastel Ramen. And thank you to the people who actually care enough to read this. P.S to all of you who told me to look at cat pics to help, it's not that easy...sorry.
Hey! This is their gf, and I was told to let y'all know that they wont be on for a while bc their mom is in the hospital. Tysm for your patience.
Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] I really want 2 cats and 1 or 2 hampters, maybe a rabbitLlama Emoji-47 (Pretty Please) [V2]
I guess i have to wait till I move out //criesBunny Emoji-09 (Cry) [V1] Bunny Emoji-07 (Emoji Cry) [V1] 
i didn't know my skin was so sensitive until now
i was scratching my legs cuz they're itchy and now i have red bumpy lines on my legs o3o. WELP :bademoticon: Triggered Seabass (emoticon) 
Hey, yep i have merch nowIzuku Excited Icon So Expected !! !!! And it's for sale now and i would really appreciate you just checking out my merch and spreading the word. All the money spent on my merch goes to my college fund, so I'd really appreciate your support!Nico Excited Icon… <--my account!!Kao Emoji-29 (Hey Hey) [V2] Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Wink) [V6] 

Thank you so much for reading ! ;D
I just wanted to say that I go by they/them/their pronouns instead of she/her now. Kao Emoji-11 (Sneaky) [V1]