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i've been wandering since the end of last year about having a quad core cpu, sure it's nice to have, but do i really need it?

well then, from what i learned during last 6 years playing in 3D, i have a conclusion that if i want to improve the quality of my artwork, i have to get faster cpu. the faster the cpu,  the faster the render, sure it's very convinience especially when you need to edit & readjust the compostition and re-render it again. from what i learned till today, most mistakes i made was visibled only after final render. that's why sometimes i was to lazy to correct it because i have to spend couples hours to re-render it.

so that's why i need faster cpu from time to time. more just speeding up the rendering, faster cpu enabled me to use many time consuming effect like hdri light, soft shadow, true ambience, volumetric environment etc. so the artwork would become more and more artistic and get better from time to time along with my cpu upgrade plan.

now, the last artwork i made took 6 hours to render. sure this was not a problem because i usually left it running the render while sleeping, but if i have to make some corrective, damn i got stuck in 6 more hours. certainly, i can't stand it :D

so, few days ago i decided to upgrade my pc. i bought intel core 2 quad Q6600 quad core cpu. at first i didn't notice any performance differences in windows compared to my E6300, but not until i tried to render something. the last artwork i rendered 6 hours was done in just 2 hours! no kidding! after doing some tweak to the pc, it can go 15 minutes faster. what a scary machine.

it was just an appetizer. the craziest things was i can do that rendering of complex scene while watching h264 video, things that my old E6300 can't handle. more, i can still surf the internet without experiencing lag & delay, even the vieo still playing smoothly. the grand thing was it still capable to burn dvd while doing all those things above! now i got my jaw dropped :D

well, quad core wasn't everthing. it has no difference in performance in games, especially when the game was not multi-threading ready. still got same fps in flight simulator, only after some tweaking on cores affinity i got slightly improved fps, but not too significant. i guess this quad cores only usefull on application that optimized for multi-cpu only. sure most 3D software are like that, that's the main reason why i bought this $300 sillicon wafer under a zinc cover :D
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TGVart Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2007


just ask, about your PC , does it capable of handling photoshop CS2 and painting over 9000x6000px canvas size, using more than 50 layers at once?
Buaya-kun Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2007
never try that, the largest canvas i've ever done is 2048x4096, never go beyond that :D
those size of 9000x6000 requires a lot of ram, i don't think 4gb quite enough for that size :D
anyway. i don't see any advantage of quad core as much in photoshop compared in 3D rendering. it dramatically speeds up the rendering but i don't see any significant performance improvement in photoshop.
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