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today, after payment from data recovery project transferred, i close deal with vendor to aquire lcd monitor. i bought 2 units samsung syncmaster 932bf, cost me about $500 for two. they're fast 5ms response time with 700:1 contrast ratio. my plan previously to buy 931bf, a 2ms with 2000:1 contrast, but the seller only has 1 stock and i don't like returning home empty handed, especially when travel is limited due to heavy flood plaguing my city.

i found that 5ms response time was fine for me, and even with 700:1 contrast, it still to sharp in my eyes. right now i'm using them with minimal brightness & contrast setting, the best for my eyes. i wander if i really bought that hi contrast one, i might be having difficulty reducing it. even this one i bught is still to bright in my opinion.

well, i took a while for my eyes to adapt to lcd monitor. in the first 5 minutes after i installed it, i found it looks awkward in my vision due to my eyes adaptability to crt. took another hour to fine tune the setting so my eyes can work with it comfortly. now after my eyes adapted, it's time to explore this expensive toys on my desk.

i was impressed with the power of dvi connectivity, the image was clear & crisp. also i got perfect geometry & maximum viewable image. something that made me event impressed that knowing all the monitor function, like adjusting brightness & contrast, can be controllled via software. save me a lot, no more button pressing with hassle on screen menu anymore, all i need i just giving some mouse click and it's done!

now after 3 hours using them, i have no regrest on my decision today. say goodbye to my eyes fatique syndrom, that problem was history now.
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February 7, 2007


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