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fan: what are you doing right now?
suga: chatting

fan: who do you think suits this new concept the best?
suga: i think suga-ssi is the coolest in this new concept.

fan: what is your exact ideal type?
suga: armys~~~~ ( heart )
suga: my loves, i love you
fan: i love you too
other fan: lies ㅋㅋ that was expected~
suga: it's expected? 슙슙

fan: how can we escape from your charms ㅠㅠ??
suga: i bombed the exit for my charms. you can’t leave.

fan: what are you planning on doing during chuseok?
suga: i'm planning on practicing during chuseok.

fan: which non-title track song do you want to recommend from the new album?
suga: all the non-title track songs are good on this new album so i'm not sure what to recommend...

fan: oppa, what is your typing speed? ㅋㅋㅋ i think you're faster than jin oppa! jin oppa's is 600 characters per minute~
suga: i haven’t tested my typing speed since elementary school so i don't remember.

suga: you know that thing. computer license. i can't remember. you know that thing. i have a second-rank license. i got it in elementary school because i heard you could go to a really good university with one. ah, and i also have a driver's license.

suga: i like drinking oolong tea and green tea. i have no interest in buying a car.
( t/n: the korean word for tea and car are the same ( 차 ) )

fan: will you be doing lots of fan meetings ( feat. fan signings )~??
suga: i want to do a lot of fan meetings~

suga: i'm good at parking bicycles. i hold the parking ticket between my teeth, i'm good at parking bicycles. wait, bicycles don't have parking tickets. i'm good at parking bicycles in those racks in front of the subway station. car-cycle. i've never driven after getting my driver's license. i need to practice but i have no interest in buying a car, so...

fan: ah, so it’s a license that you have but don’t use? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
suga: we don’t have a wardrobe in the dorm so it's not a wardrobe license, it's a wallet license.
( t/n: the fan used the term "장롱면허" which basically translates into "wardrobe license" = he’s kept it in his wardrobe since the day he got it since he doesn't use it )

fan: suga oppa, why did you make a chat room~??
suga: why did i make a chat room? because i haven't chatted with you all before and i wanted to, that’s why.

fan: do you check your twitter mentions frequently ㅠㅠ??
suga: i always check our twitter mentions ㅎ

fan: when will you update 슈가의 시선 ( suga's eyes )~????
suga: i have to update 슈가의 시선 soon.

fan: oppa, why are you so pale~ tell me your secrets.
suga: i'll tell you how to be paler. for this, you really have to be 100% born with it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ i'm pale like my mom.

<suga's nail treatment fan account>

suga: i got nail treatment. because of my habit of biting my nails, they put that... what is it, bitter polish on my nails. i lost my taste today. you know that thing, i think they're called cuticles? dead skin cells?? they said it was their first time seeing someone with so much, ah...

fan: 올ㅋ so you're cuticle-rich?
suga: i'm cuticle-rich. i'm going to collect them and give them away. because i'm rich.

fan: oppa, are you good at basketball?
suga: basketball? i used to be. it's been a while since i've played... i used to win and could spin a basketball on my finger for over ten minutes, until my fingernails got ruined.

fan: are you good at studying?
suga: i was in the middle. in middle school i was in the top 100. i'm a university student in seoul. it's a cyber university so i listen to lectures in the dorm in seoul. because i'm busy with promotions i can't go to classes a lot, so i listen to lectures in a cyber university. in high school i was originally preparing to go to an arts university. i was a rising star but i gave up after becoming a trainee. i was preparing to major in composing and midi and was actually pretty good but after doing classical composing...

fan: oppa, busan satoori~
suga: i can't do busan satoori, i'm a daegu person. ( does some satoori )

suga: those people saying they have to watch hoseok's log... you're mean. just kidding ㅋ

translated by christie @ tumblr - take out with credits! [sources]
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