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(copy paste from my tumblr xdd) 
To see examples go to my Tumblr post here→…

I’m offering Full-Body/Full-colored shots for 30€(32$) each one.

Just contact me on Tumblr or Facebook or send me an e-mail (rumple.batman☆ and tell me what you want.
I only accept payment via Paypal and I usually work fast (I’ll start working once I get paid)


  • Cute girls&boys
  • Cute aliens&monsters
  • Kemonomimis
  • Manly men & sexy women
  • NSFW
  • I can draw cute/sexy outfit for your chara
  • I can draw fantasy and sci-fi armor too.


  • Mecha
  • Furry
  • Whatever I don’t want to do :< (sorry)

ALSO! Support me on patreon!!
Hiiii everyone~!
I'm sorry i've been away for 2 weeks or more... (or less but who cares)
It's not like I have a lot of things to do so I'm just taking a break because I want to rest,

Things I have to do:
-500 watcher's art trades. (I'm sorry I'm taking a lot of time ;_: )
-Double meme (I almost finished so don't worry XD) (I feel like I've been saying this for a long time so please forgive my irresponsability)
-Amour Sucré fancomic (this is going to take me a little more time)

Weeeeell I don't know when I'll be active here again, so forgive me
I'll be still answering coments and shit, so feel free to talk to me :_D

btw I'll be more active on my tumblr

I just reached 500 watchers today! (now 501)

Thankyou! I'm really happy with you people!
I apreciate this so much.
It's really important for me to see that people like my works ♥
Thankyou very much! /cries


I'm going to celebrate this with an Art Trade!
I love doing Art Trades
I enjoy it a lot!

Soooo the first 3 users that coment here are going to do an Art Trade with me~
So go go go!!

1. :icondaxterpassotax:
2. :iconle-skull:
3. :iconyuuki-ku:

For that people who don't know who Anorexic Walrus is, Anorexic Walrus is my band
We had a little concert in Salou 2 months ago, but... last week!
LAST WEEEEEK! we had our first ("first") Concert in our city and it was awesome!! :iconasdfghplz:

This is our first original song, Little Hippo~
Liveeeeeeee :iconasdfghplz:…
(ignore my voice plz.)

Please give us your support and like Anorexic Walrus' page on Facebook…

And this is our YouTUBE account:…
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey people <3

I've made a new tumblr<3
I'll post my sketches, wip, etc here↓↓

And I will use it as a blog too, maybe...WHO KNOWS

It will be in english, not as my other blog
Follow me and I'll follow you:heart:


*goes to wc*

Since I'm getting a lot of views in my YT channel I'm considering the idea of start taking comissions
These are the prices for them↓↓

✧Pencil sketch - 3€

✧Ink - 5€

✧Digital lineart - 7€

✧Digital(color) - 10€

✧Watercolor - 15€

+3€ per extra character and background

If you want it, I can send you the Watercolor original, but it will cost more.

Please Note me with your comission information :heart: