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So Bob has been very excited about his new Fan Club here.   Very excited.  I mean, I've been cleaning up basi-pee all weekend.  And he would personally thank each and every one of you for joining it, except that would be a fantastically bad idea and we'd end up with a large bevy of well-meaning but ultimately quiet statuary, and we have plenty of quiet everywhere else on the net.

While on vacation (more on that on my own dA journal soon enough!) I actually spent some time thinking of what sort of things I'd like to see in an official Bob Club (Group).  And this is what my list included:

1.   Bob!
2.   Uhm.   Statues?
3.    ....

Fortunately, I have an amazingly inspiring significant other who slapped me around a little and told me to get off my usual one-track mindedness and see a bigger picture.  So thanks largely to her, here's some things that may just be coming down the pike soon and dropped in here.  (And that's not including anything anyone else might want to post!)

1.     Pictures featuring Bob done by me, both hand-drawn and 3D.  (Okay, yeah, this much was obvious.)
2.     Pictures featuring Bob done by others who I've commissioned, begged, or just promised my first-born son to do.  (Note: there are no immediate plans for first-born sons at any time.  HA!  It's like free credit!!!)
3.    Simple and Cheap Flash animations featuring Bob
4.    Stories with appearances by Bob
5.    Other Bob strangeness.

Believe it or not, that last bit may even include... (drumroll!) BOB MERCHANDISE!  Seriously!  Bob plushies!  T-Shirts!  Bumper Stickers!    Really, I do wanna know, if there was a stuffed Bob available, would people be interested in getting one?  Or a "My Other Car is a Retarded Basilisk" bumper sticker?  (Thaaaaaank you, CrystallineColey, for that idea!)  Or anything?  And what sort of things would you be interested in seeing here?  Would you be interested in posting anything here?    Seriously, speak up!   Retarded Minds want to know!

Or in Bob's own words, "BOBBBBB!1"


1 - Translated, "I am the most glorious creature in the known universe!  Bring me all your finest meats and cheeses!  Ooh, sparrows!  Oops.  I tripped on my tongue, sorry."
Welcome, one and all, to the ABSOLUTELY OFFICIAL Bob the Retarded Basilisk Fan Club (er... Group), otherwise known as BtRB!  Here, you can sate your otherworldly craving for all things Bob, and spend time fawning over the little moron to your heart's content!  So what can you do here?

SEE Bob in his daily struggles with things like walls, trees, doors, rocks, balance and gravity!

GASP at Bob's sinful love affairs with boots, birds, and inanimate objects (including one or two that he's responsible for)!

CHEER at Bob as he shows his stunning array of emotive techniques and his amazing vocal range!

MAKE ICKY-POO FACES at Bob having tragic problems with incontinence!

Please note that Bob the Retarded Basilisk is available for all sorts of fan art, fan fic, guest appearances, cameos and even children's parties... if you'd be okay with giving a tip of the hat to his creator, that would be very awesome, as well.  If you'd like to cross-post any Bob deviations here in the group, or any BtRB favorites you'd like to suggest, by all means feel free!   Otherwise, stay tuned here for all things Bob, including a couple never-before-seen things.  

Because Bob Can.
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Bob the Retarded Basilisk Stats

(C&C Format)

HD: 4 (d10 – 34 hp)
MOVE: 30 feet or as needed
SIZE: Small-Medium (2 feet tall when on six legs, taller when rearing, smaller when falling over.)
AC: 18
ATTACKS: Bite (1d4), Drool (1d0)
SPECIAL: Petrifactive Gaze (only when eyes glow, tends to be at random), Uncanny Luck, Utter Stupidity, Tendency to Piss Self
SAVES: Physical
INT: Often Quite Stupid
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Stupid
TYPE: Magical Beast
TREASURE: Yes, please. Sparrows, especially.
XP: --

Petrificative Gaze: Bob's gaze, unlike most basilisks, is not usually 'on'. When scared, aroused, or generally excited, his eyes can glow, in which case a Save vs. Petrification is called for. (For gaming purposes, one could roll a 1d8 and on an 8, his eyes are 'active'.) Otherwise, Bob can look people in the eyes and have nothing happen. If a situation could be made funnier or more stupid by Bob's eyes being 'active', the GM has all rights to fudge the roll.

Uncanny Luck: Bob is ridiculously hard to kill, muzzle, cage or blindfold. Any cage, blindfold, leash or other means of restraint that is intended to hold and check Bob will end up empty unless constantly watched with a careful eye. Killing blows that might land on him also have a tendency to not work as planned, usually to the detriment of those attempting to kill him. Bob does not regularly enter into combat.... Bob is not a fighter. Bob is not a lover, either. Bob is merely a very lucky idiot.

Stupidity: Unlike other basilisks, Bob does not hiss. He merely goes "Bahb". He also runs into trees, bushes, walls, hard patches of air, and the like. Almost never does this stupidity actually endanger him. It just makes him look slightly smarter than the average cantaloupe.

Tendency to Piss Self: I would think this is pretty self-explanatory.

Bob likes Birds, Boots, inanimate objects that were formerly not inanimate, and all sorts of weird things.

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