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BToal The Archer

This is my Minecraft character. I drew myself equipped with a bow an arrow because the bow is all I use in Minecraft. I hate swords, they're no fun. :)

If anyone is interested I am accepting any requests, but I may not be able to do all of them if there are too many.

Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments below.
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Hey this is really great. If you are willing to, would you be able to make me some art? My MC IGN is the same as my deviantart. Keep up the good work!
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sure but i will need to see a picture of your skin in order to do it.

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If your doing requests I would LOVE one , i love the one you just did! My ign is LordSpiral - Thanks if you do one for me :) im so excited now :D
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your Minecraft name is LordSpiral
If so I can just look your skin up on
anything you do in minecraft that is your specialty in the game so i can work it in to the art.
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Yep LordSpiral is my in game name and im pretty good at riding horses in minecraft :)
I love your work :)
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Your art design for your skin is in rough outline right now but might not get uploaded in a few more days, Ive got Keystones going on this week. But who knows, it might go up soon. Im eager to see the finished product, and I bet you are too.

BTW your skin is a king right? Pls say right :)
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Yep a king :) Thanks again and i sure am looking forward to it :D
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Hey, thanks for being patient and the drawing should go up either today or tomorrow, depends. Anyway I hope you like it when it's here.
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Not a problem and thanks again! Looking forward to seeing it
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I know its bow and arrow, caught that mistake as soon as I hit submit.
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