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Transformers-Ecto1 G1 Style Box Packaging (WIP)



This project has been held over for about a year since I found Johnny216's ECTO-1 image.

I recently dug up the old WIP and made some adjustments then scrapped it and rebuilt a new one from scratch.

Most likely the ECTO-1 image is inspired by the Alternator/Binaltech version of the Transformers from 2005 - but since those boxes vary in detail I started with the original G1 style box art as a warm up.

The idea here is to design boxes for fans to have that can fit their multi-scale versions of Ecto-1. Interest in this project was re-ignited upon the release of the 1:18 scale Hot Wheels Elite version of ECTO-1. I make the box in several themes/styles and you print it yourself on card stock and fold and glue accordingly, make your own foam padding, and show your car in said box.

I also made Blister Card version and have outlined the different style boxes to make, but have yet to actually create.

You see --in order to continue I kind of want Johnny216's :iconjohnny216: OK to continue with his design. I'm not going at this because it is Johnny's ECTO-1 alt mode design.

The Ectomobile version in the fake box is actually someones Ecto-1B from the Ghostbusters video game.

A big Thank You goes out to the Ghostbuster Model Master SlaysGhosts for use of his custom Ecto-1B. The original thread featuring the Ecto-1B and other three Ectomobile car versions can be found through here: [link]

The box used as a reference for this WIP is actually the US version of the G1 Jazz Box - The descriptions & terms are inspired by the Ghostbusters movie.

NOTE: Be sure to click on the Download button for a super sized version of this image.

Don't forget to visit Johnny216's :iconjohnny216: DA Gallery and check out SlaysGhost Ectomobile collection on!

Check out the Pacific Northwest Ghostbusters franchise page on Facebook and GBFans for this and other exclusive samples, pieces and apparel/paraphernalia anytime (pretty much)

PNW: GB ([link]) and GBFans member Btnkdrms ([link])

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Funny how this ended up as a real thing by Hasbro