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Transformers-Ecto1 G1 Style Box Packaging (WIP)

By btnkdrms
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This project has been held over for about a year since I found Johnny216's ECTO-1 image.

I recently dug up the old WIP and made some adjustments then scrapped it and rebuilt a new one from scratch.

Most likely the ECTO-1 image is inspired by the Alternator/Binaltech version of the Transformers from 2005 - but since those boxes vary in detail I started with the original G1 style box art as a warm up.

The idea here is to design boxes for fans to have that can fit their multi-scale versions of Ecto-1. Interest in this project was re-ignited upon the release of the 1:18 scale Hot Wheels Elite version of ECTO-1. I make the box in several themes/styles and you print it yourself on card stock and fold and glue accordingly, make your own foam padding, and show your car in said box.

I also made Blister Card version and have outlined the different style boxes to make, but have yet to actually create.

You see --in order to continue I kind of want Johnny216's :iconjohnny216: OK to continue with his design. I'm not going at this because it is Johnny's ECTO-1 alt mode design.

The Ectomobile version in the fake box is actually someones Ecto-1B from the Ghostbusters video game.

A big Thank You goes out to the Ghostbuster Model Master SlaysGhosts for use of his custom Ecto-1B. The original thread featuring the Ecto-1B and other three Ectomobile car versions can be found through here: [link]

The box used as a reference for this WIP is actually the US version of the G1 Jazz Box - The descriptions & terms are inspired by the Ghostbusters movie.

NOTE: Be sure to click on the Download button for a super sized version of this image.

Don't forget to visit Johnny216's :iconjohnny216: DA Gallery and check out SlaysGhost Ectomobile collection on!

Check out the Pacific Northwest Ghostbusters franchise page on Facebook and GBFans for this and other exclusive samples, pieces and apparel/paraphernalia anytime (pretty much)

PNW: GB ([link]) and GBFans member Btnkdrms ([link])

The images used are copyright (©) of their respective owners and designers.
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Funny how this ended up as a real thing by Hasbro
btnkdrms's avatar

it was a legit surprise and a shock to see BOTH (box design and Ecto) .. all Three and a half if you count my limited released image of Starscream's Ghost and the Gozer the Gozerian Faction logo

I'm such a whore though - I own TWO Ectotrons (ome modded and the other in box)

NESToperative's avatar
Scavenger1234567890's avatar
That would be far better than the crappy 2016 reboot or Ghostbusters. Nice work.
Optic-AL's avatar
Loving it, we need one.
ToonTorment's avatar
Is this available as a t-shirt?
btnkdrms's avatar
No - I designed the box and the other two assets are owned by two other people; logistics of making this particular design a shirt is not going to happen on my end - and out of respect for the other two artists

There have been other designs like it, just not this one
ToonTorment's avatar
Sorry to hear that.

Will see if I can find those.  This will remain a favorite, though. :-)
nilescclover's avatar
wow! love this great job!
This would be an interesting crossover toy, and given the "recent" storyline crossover with Ghostbusters, TMNT, GIJoe, and Transformers, entirely possible. My only concern is the big blue hoses on the side, where would those fold up to? part of his pack?
BaelRathLian's avatar
Love the picture.  Too bad it is not a real toy.  Would make a great collectors / novelty item. 
joy1411's avatar
Wow I wish transformers are real also dead space and ghostbusters maybe avengers too
Sword-of-Grayskull's avatar
I love the retro box style! Faved for being a fantastic combination of two of my favorite properties.
NickMaster64's avatar
a transformer ecto1 truly made of win
Phenometron's avatar
Transform and bust ghosts!
btnkdrms's avatar
It was a fun piece to make and Johnny216's :iconjohnny216: Alt-Mode design is the bee's knees .. please check out his Deviant Art page as well and leave comments too!
CanRay's avatar
Going to make one of the ID cards that went on the back of those old boxes?
btnkdrms's avatar
I have one already done - I'm holding off on presenting the backside of the box because I wanted a Ghost Busters themed mural with 4 different Ecto-1 car models facing off a robot version of Gozer, Stay Puft, Terror Dogs (one transforms into Zuul and the other into Vinz Clortho and back into identical Terror Dogs) and the Scoleri Bros.)

I'm kind of going it alone - so this is just a side project thing to do kind of project.

If I come up with descriptive details for Ecto-1 I'll post just the stat card for you guys to have and sketch out a mock mural of the fake mural for the mock box for the toy robot car that doesn't exist too! :D
Ghostbusterlover's avatar
Wow! That's pretty awesome! x)
DyingMan75's avatar
very creative!I like it!
TheDrunkenWeasel's avatar

This needs to be on shelves, like, IMMEDIATLY!!
Thunderstudent's avatar
Most epic crossover ever
btnkdrms's avatar
More to come - and thank you for the compliment and support!
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