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Rainmeter iTunes Config

By btmccord
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itunes Config for Rainmeter.

Icons are by brsev [[link]

I hope you Enjoy

:iconrainmeter: Visit the Rainmeter Group


Sept, 20 2009 - Updated to V 1.1

-New version contains a large version of the skin.
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Thanks for this. Just getting into this Rainmeter thing and this goes great with the other things I've been getting. Had to tweak it a little cause the letters got cut off and added some different colors too, depending on what background I had. Even added a line of code where I could take my mouse over the Icon to the left of it and actually call up itunes, instead of opening itunes first then using the player.
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If anyone wants the one I tweaked you can get it here. 

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First of all: I love it and thanks for creating this. But I see only one downside. The y's, g's, j's and all other letters that are like that seem to be cut off. If you have the time, since i lack any skill to do something this, could you improve this in a way? I would be very thankfull!
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TibneoStudent Interface Designer
i have a question. why wont it relay the track information to me? it won't show up.
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LinkFan16Hobbyist Photographer
just what I was looking for, fits the windows taskbar quiet nicely and works as it should with itunes, nice work^^
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Charles-MillerHobbyist Interface Designer
is there a way to make it for wmp maybe.....
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it wont work :(
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thinks for sharing.
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madddreamer Interface Designer
thank you!
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Awesome! Thanks a lot for this one :D
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thanks! I love it so much
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just an idea, but i think that it would be pretty decent if iTunes didnt have to be open for this to work, like it just finds the directory from your music folder, and you can edit it to input the file directory and you could just have it to pull a random file and play it, or you could open iTunes and run it that way by turning off Random... just a thought
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Its a beauty!!
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im using the newes rainmeter 64 for vist HP 64 and i get crashes with this plugin :(
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I don't think that it is caused by the skin but more likely the the .dll that does the background work. I have no control over the dll but you night check out the rainmeter forms as someone might know if it have 64 bit compatibility problems. You can find it here
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Just take it easy, my friend... And good luck with your studying!
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Perhaps on the bottom of the skin (i.e. on the opposite side of a track name/artist).

However, thanx for your attention and patience.
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Like below the controls?
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Dear btmccord ,

first of all I want to thank you that you are trying to endulge me! It is very, very nice of you. Then again, forgive me for not replaying to you sooner...

Speaking of the album name, you are completely right, just below the controls (like a reflection in the mirror).
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Im going to be pretty busy the next 2 1/2 weeks as the end of the semester is coming up. Ill try to get around to it now but if i can't I will be able to afterward.
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This skin is (almost) perfect... I was wondering would it be possible to include the Album name in the skin?

THX for your efforts!
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It would be. Where do you see it being placed?
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The Buttons are too small to press, maybe you can make the area around the button pressable too
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It is. Have you tried the larger version? Also make sure that you have draggable unchecked under the skin menu.
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