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eGDM for 2.30.5-0

Most credit goes to Mr.Awesome (DanRabbit)

(conky theme is separate)


System > Administration > Login Screen
uncheck "Show list of users"

Backup gdm-greeter-login-window.ui

Replace all files in
with all files in "Files to Add" so file structure looks like


Change background to
Center the Image NOT Zoom


Delete Appearance file in
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awesome theme :)
could you please give me a link to the conky config? Or if you made it your own send me the file?
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I don't have to config anymore, but I did not make it from scratch, the original is somewhere on the web. Good luck finding it and thanks for the favorites
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I'm not sure if this is final, but this does not work for me. Everything looks different, but instead of points we recorded visible signs and the keyboard does not work (especially ENTER)
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Now it should work
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Where did the monos on the bottom panel come from?
the mono icons com from Loginicons folder (per default, if i am right). under /usr/share/icons/.
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becouse it is using the new gdm i could not remove the bottem panel.
yeah, i know. gdm themeing is since 9.04 or 9.10 a mess. more or less. as i post earlier, it `s quite hard to hide/remove the bottom-panel.
forgot one thing: maybe it would be interesting to hide the bottom-bar. it would be more "fancy" if it just appear on mousehover, i think. i tried to disable the bottom-bar, but i had to disable/uninstall all the "at/appearance"- things, so it worked not really well.
actually, i thought it´s a real gtk-style...looks good but it is just a ("cheap") trick. but maybe i coudn`t do it better. perhaps the corners should be more rounded in the default gtk-theme, but as gdm doesn`t use metacity, it would be more or less complicated. maybe in future, if gnome3 is stable. we`ll see. never the less, nice try and good howto too.

@3duard: this trick is the reason for beeing unable to show username/userpic.
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I think it would be important to see the username :/ ?
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Men. You are awesome!
:D Now we have some eyecandy for elementary OS , thanks to you :D
We Only need it packaged for the PPA I think ;)
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