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Chest tattoo

By bthslayr
My art, Rumi's poetry, Tegan's needle-work
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10/400 second
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6 mm
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Date Taken
Sep 9, 2007, 10:03:35 PM
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Isabella2013's avatar
This is beautiful!
How bad did it hurt?
I'm looking to get one in the same area soon.
bthslayr's avatar
people seemed to think it would hurt a lot, but it actually wasn't bad at all. The poetry was one of the least painful spaces. The closer to the armpit/nipple they got though, the more it hurt! Seven hours on my chest didn't hurt nearly as bad as one on the top of my foot!
Isabella2013's avatar
Okay, thanks! That's good to hear.
What I'm getting is pretty simple, two colors, so hopefully it shouldn't take 7 hours.
I had just heard from some people that it vibrated the bones of your torso and made you feel sick. I guess it just depends on the person.
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You're welcome.
Pitiful-'s avatar
So you drew the art yourself before having it tattooed?
bthslayr's avatar
yep. My 1/2 sleeve should be done in the next couple months, I'll post that too
Pitiful-'s avatar
It's beautiful. Art is great, I'm extremely jealous that you can draw that yourself cause I'm currently looking for someone to design me a tattoo of a similar nature and having shit all luck. :(

Nice colour too, it's so well done. Lucky!
bthslayr's avatar
Well thank you! What are you looking for?
I am available for just that sort of thing you know....
Pitiful-'s avatar
I was looking for the type of swallows you have there, but I want a dead one. lol >.>

Sorry on late reply :O Been on a jet plane!
bthslayr's avatar
must've been a long flight ;)
well, we could work something out if you want it drawn up- tell me more about what you're going for!
shat-tered's avatar
the colours are beautiful!
bthslayr's avatar
Thank you! She's starting a sleeve for me next month! :)
marinewing's avatar
WHICH rumi poem?
darkcurious-narutard's avatar
Nice tattoo! Lovely work.
bthslayr's avatar
Thanks! You're very kind. Can't wait to get more!
darkcurious-narutard's avatar
You're Welcome!

I hope you post them when you do :D
irikaru's avatar
ahh i thought its arabic... well kinda the same :)
nice work
iranians's avatar
nicE persiaN caligraphY
i LOVE the idea of this.
is that Hebrew?
is there an English translation?
bthslayr's avatar
Thank you! Actually it's Persian... it's a Rumi poem
johnamonroe's avatar
I love everything about it......awesome design, great needle work and shading....
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