HI, I'm back.

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Hello people.

I was away for a while due to work but finally, I'm back. I haven't gotten used to the new site yet and I still don't really like how it was built. Many commands and facilities that existed on the old site were unfortunately not used on this new site. What I see is that it works well for illustrations, but makes it a bit difficult for comics.

It may be because I haven't gotten used to it yet, let's see, I'm giving it a try, yet.

I am very late but I will answer the comments I received in the old posts.

I hope everyone is safe. :hug:

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Yay! Glad to have you back :D hopefully life has been kind to you!

I find myself coming in and still waiting for the old site to come back - but so far I don't think this has been too bad, it could be a lot worse... but we just gotta give it time and get used to it I suppose

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Nice to see you again! ^____^

I still don’t like new DA... green version helps a bit but it’s a fact... some things takes more time to be done in this new site than the older one... commands that needed only one click, now I have to do much more to have the same result.... :P

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I can't say I like it either, but the green version was a huge update for better!

And yes eclipse feels rather clunky still, but mostly we were accustomed to the old one so gotta give the new site time to get better and also for us to learn how to use it smoothly.

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welcome back! yes the new site is confusing o_O

hope you are staying safe too!!

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Yeah, very confusing.... I’m not confortable here...

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Honestly I don't like it either, but I have to deal with it... OTL I know I can't use the icon or dev commands when it comes to usernames, there's a different way of using that but I have no idea how to do that... :U

+ Submissions to groups have to be done from the log messages instead of from the normal deviation notices where it had it's group area... Which made me none too happy... XD... There's a ton of things but I'll keep it short here. I miss the old DA... :c

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So, ready to continue Starscream's comic?

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