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Cherry gets chaired

Model  Cherry BusomModel  JJ Plush

Cherry gets chaired!

It is time for the restraint chair escape challenge once again!  Cherry is strapped in and the panel gag goes in. She tries hard to escape. She puts on an excellent show. She doesn’t succeed so now she gets more restraints. It was HER idea to be taped to the chair for the next part and I was happy to do it. Some saran wrap is shown going on, plus all of the taping. First she gags herself with a big red ball and vetwrap as I get her into the wrap. Before the tape goes on a black thigh high goes over her head with a pair of panties in her mouth.  Once all taped up she puts on an excellent struggling show and even attempts to get out. Her lower body manages to break free, making the struggling show even more delightful if you like garters, satin panties and stockings like I do 🙂

Run time:
Restraint chair escape attempt, 2 camera angles 20 minutes and 17 seconds. Tape part, run time 23 minutes 57 seconds.

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