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original fantasy role-play group


Journal Entry: Sun Sep 30, 2018, 10:37 PM
Welcome to our monthly dA newsletter! Though not as detailed as the forum newsletters, this will provide some updates on the ongoing progress of BTACD! <3

Monthly Contest

This month, we celebrate the Day of Bones. Check it out here!

Lore Release

Welcome to the month of October! This month, we bring a variety of updates - one of them is the complete revamp of our portal information!! This expands on how portals work and the various portals that can be found within the Realm, including their average duration and difficulties.

Next, we have two brand new zodiacs for you guys to play with! Please introduce the Kuraian zodiac, and the Ristellan zodiac, to the table :D

To add to our list of playable races, we bring you two subspecies; the alphyn, a gryphonic, Anquil-bred wolf; and the taurine, a sub of powerful quadrupedal minotaurs!

To the shop, we have added a neat new ability-item called Moonfire; this blessing of Nirni can be found here!

Last but not least, we have revamped completely - and added two new variants to each - our shadowbeasts and lightbeasts! :D As a result, the two most powerful variants have been given a shiny upgrade, and are now available in the shop!


Plot Updates

Kurai and Felnova are falling apart, as the balance continues to tip. Energy storms ravage the surface, while earthquakes tear the land asunder. Will you survive?

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177 and heavily edited by Verridith

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Countdown to Contest End

Countdown ended
Wednesday, March 14th @ 11:00pm

The Winter contest has ended!


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