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Hello there cool people, My name is BSW421 but my real name is Bryan Williams, you can call me BW or Prim or Scarab or Nephthys.

My age 23

I'd was born on 21th April 2000 same date as Mother Kartini Day as it for Women's rights for Indonesians

I like learning history such as WWII, Ancient Civilizations, and many more. Learning Languages as in English, German, Chinese, French, and Japanese. they so fun to lesson it but also like Creatures of the Night too

We like My little Pony Friendship is Magic TV show, G1, the Comic, and the Movie.

Also like Fallout Equestria created by Kka, Somber, RuinQueenofOblivion

but also I'd like all Power Rangers/Super Sentani series and obsessed with it for years when we were 4 years old and Resident Evil story/game series, The Legend of Spyro series,

personal thing I'd don't like in my life as hurt me mentally inside :

1.Back stabbing on the back

2.Get pushed


4.Making closes friends get angry

5.Cruel jokes

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Favourite Visual Artist
mr100dragon100, Ghost-Story66613, Rosefang16, Jon080, Devinande, vavacung, J5A4, jhayarr23, DRWolf010
Favourite Movies
The Lego Movie,Transformers, Star Wars, Terminator, Goosebumps, Kings Man, Jumanji, Scott Pilgrim vs The world, My little Pony The Movie
Favourite TV Shows
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Doctor WHO, Steven Universe, History Channel, Ultraman, Blue’s Clues/Blue’s Clues & Me, Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
My Way(Frank Sinatra), KISS, Power Rangers/Super Sentai song theme, Take Me Home, Country Roads
Favourite Books
Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde, Fallout Equestria, Dracula, Goosebumps, MLP IDW comic, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Cleopatra In Space
Favourite Writers
R.L Stine
Favourite Games
Halo, Bioshock, Resident Evil, Call of Duty Black ops Zombies, DOOM, Overwatch, Killzone, Kingdom Rush, Plants vs Zombies, assassin's Greed Origins, GEARS OF WAR, Xcom 2, Dragon Vale, and The Legend of Spyro
Favourite Gaming Platform
I'd don't really have one
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Color Marker, Paper, Glue, Pen, and Water paint color
Hello everyone and my friends my Commissions is now and I want to give you a shot to make you guys something if you want and please read the rules. New method payments : Points and Paypal rules : I only can do 3 or 2 or 1 characters in one pic I can’t rush it the sketches it will take time no NSFW I don’t take those kind of things I only can draw Ponies, Hippogriffs, Griffins, Furries, Animals, Robots, And Hybrids one Commissions artworks cost 40 points or 2$ if you want ask two Commissions artworks it will cost 80 Points or 4$ if you want something details in your oc it will cost 100 Points or 5$ Comment on the below for your Commissions and take your time what do you want me draw for you.:D Also please be patient and have a good time! :)
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Happy Chinese New Year my friends!! 💯🎉🎊🎊🐰
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Guys this is bad my friend @verytrashenemy-spark get threatened by Annisa.
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Hey Man, Daria seems stressed, I think she could use some comfort.🥺

Yeah I saw and feel bad for her 😔

Thanks for the watch Pal!😊

Your very welcome mate!! UwU

Thanks for the favs

Your very welcome