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DOA5U Momiji in Mai Shiranui Re-Born (FIXED 3)

If you added Ayane Ribbon bow with Kasumi Player 2 outfit on Momiji you would get something like mai shiranui and waalaa

This is not Mai Shiranui, this is Momiji. I am not trying to make her Mai Shiranui...It's just a cosplay..or at least think of it as a Halloween mash up costume

Added black and gold texture edition =D


• Remove-able Fans
• Remove-able Outfit
• Remove-able gloves and boots
• Remove-able Earring
• Remove-able Glasses
• Remove-able pantyhose
Can go Full nude (Caution!!! 18+)

• Re-design a new accurate body for her

Re-Updated 2: 6-21-2016
• Fixed clipping meshes on pelvis bone
• Fixed finger/toe nails from over shadowing in renders (re-updated again same day)

Re-Updated 3: 7-28-2016
• Fixed Breast bones

Base mod:

• Mai Shiranui - Rexil
DOA5 Kasumi Costume 02
Ayane (Costume 5)

Overall Mesh Design:

Love it? Comment it! Fav it! Use it! Credit it!

You may re-texture but do not re-tribute or re-upload to share the same as it is

Spot any bugs, report it...actually forget it I don't care anymore....LOL

Dead or Alive 5 © Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja

Skin may break out, use move mode and certain bones to adjust it

The fact that she can go full nudity if you use this for bdsm/porn you must be respectful and provide proper credits

Failing to do so will prevent this or future models to be ever released again, it's a mesh mod and is not from the actual game, respect my work

Download: if access is gone/blocked then I am doing maintenance on it.

Download Here
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How can i import models from the game into 3DSMAX?
Thanks for your share😀😀😀😀
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They now put Mai Shiranui in DOA go here to look…
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lol so i've been inform about this many times..good to know :thumbsup:
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Did you hear? Mai is actually becoming a full DLC character ^_^…
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Cool! Love her
mirakor's avatar
I bet she can't wait to have someone who wants to take photos of her legs. :heart:
Zapzzable100's avatar
Alright i can support this:nod::clap:Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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This is in the "Re-born outfit" folder, since dropbox apparently doesn't allow direct links to particular files.
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Are you telling me or them? Because it certainly is in the re-born outfit  folder.
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Where's the original color?
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I display this as a alt version, but the model itself is already original
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Excellent! Thanks for sharing.
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Momiji the cosplayer. She looks good as Mai, looks good as Tifa, yet you know peoples will abuse your caution and pose her in her birthday suit most Chicachu 
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I don't really mind..These models are meant to be abused I just would like to know when it does so credit should be added so I know when it is getting abused, other than that feel free to do her right.  ;-)
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Ooooo interesting
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La la la la I love you Heart Heart Heart 
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Awesome thanks for the release BStylez, Kripas4 will release the mesh mod I designed soon too :)  I love the dual color that you put on this version of Momiji. 
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It's inevitable. Momiji looks exactly like Mai Shiranui. Must be a thank you to SNK for inspiring the cast of DoA. So, obviously, when Momiji would Cosplay, she'd be Mai.
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Mai shiranui's costume my favourite KOF fighter.
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