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Been playing paladins, fun little MOBA game
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Is it ok if I post this to r/Paladins with credit?

Trying to get attention towards Pip.
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Hey! Sorry for the late reply, but i already posted this ages ago on r/Paladins.

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MOBAs kind of scare me, so I doubt I'll ever get into them, but how has Paladins (and life) been treating you? 
Good news, it's not a moba anymore.

Just a hero fps.
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I quitted Paladins a while ago, same reason why you're probably scared of MOBA games. Don't get me wrong, i love paladins as a whole, but players get comically upset every 3-5 games or so and that really ruined the mood for me. I can handle a toxic player every once in a while, but when you deal with them frequently it becomes really annoying.

As for life, I'm doing allright. I'll try and post my prowess on my webcomic in the next month, haven't gotten the chance to work on it during the past few months so there's still not too much to it. Juggling webcomics and normal drawings can be really difficult.

How are you doing, btw? I'm taking that finally all of the older members of the CSTSF have left the place? Would be a shame, I'm going to miss those guys. But eh, time moves forward.
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That's what I figured. Fatigue or ire seems to be the only endgame when it comes to games of that sort, but I know that's an unfair statement.

Glad to hear that you're doing well! As for myself, I work on enough at once that I don't spend even half the time I did back in 2012 on the forums - but I still visit pretty frequently. It's for the best! I don't think the older members are all truly gone, they're just usually out of Cave Story to talk about, and for the most part they seem to spend most of their time on the community Discord server. Again, I'll be happy to see what I can of the webcomic when you're ready to share with the world, but don't for a second feel rushed. Build that backlog, plan that universe! ^.^
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